ENGRAM – Karl Marx c/w Highgate (Part I)


Released officially worldwide on the date of the UK General Election, May 7th 2015,

and available on bandcamp as “Name your price” until that date.


After 17 years between formation and the What Am I? EP of 2013,

ENGRAM follow up with the single from the forthcoming album.


‘Stalinism, Leninism, Revolution.’

An 80’s influenced political marriage of minimal synth wave and dark electronic rhythms and textures.


Karl Marx has a new platform on the electro dancefloor.


ENGRAM has released one EP and contributed to vinyl,
CD and download compilations worldwide.

A live set is currently in preparation ahead of the debut album release,
scheduled for late 2015.


John and Martin have each created and performed electronic experiments in sound for 30 years; Martin with ATTRITION, John under his own name.


All songs by Martin Bowes & John Costello

All songs published by copyright control
Performed by Martin Bowes & John Costello

Mixed and Mastered at The Cage, Coventry, England by Martin Bowes


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