Enfant Terrible is always expanding its activities. Never intended to be
just a label for a specific type of music now it is time to stop being
just a label at all. Already the activities included events, offline and
online journalism and a radio show. Next to that a few projects which
involved visual arts already were realized. Now the online gallery is a
fact and next to that a fashion department has started.

The online gallery will focus on contemporary artists and designers who’s
work can be seen in the tradition of modernism, abstract expressionism and
postmodernism. Enfant Terrible wants to showcase, cherish and continue a
tradition in modern art that is (still) essential to understand the world
around us. Next to that there is the strong link with the music put out on
Enfant Terrible. The music and art world have been split up for the most
part in the tradition Enfant Terrible is involved in. This has not always
been the case. The aim is to bring these together again into one world of
artistic creativity.

The artists showcased have a link with the Enfant Terrible activities, or
at least the aim is to get them involved in the other fields of action.
This also counts for the fashion department. Not just merchandise is
produced but limited editions of clothing enhanced by graphic designers
and visual artists who are already involved in the Enfant Terrible

When it comes to production Enfant Terrible is collaborating with Dutch
fashion label Yarn Unit. They produce high quality fashion with nice
designs and great fabrics. The pieces of clothing are printed by hand in a
Dutch screen printing studio.

First series are taken care of by Dutch graphic designer Zivago. Zivago
has been involved in designing many record sleeves for Enfant Terrible
from the early days onwards. Next to that he has designed some posters and
flyers for Enfant Terrible as well as a piece of video art played
sometimes at events and some promotional video’s. The first series is
expected in August.


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