Milligram Retreat debut album on Enfant Terrible

Milligram Retreat from Holland is a collaboration between electronic music producer Maurice Hermes and visual / performance artist Renée van Trier. They first appeared on the “Kamp Holland” compilation (Enfant17) released in 2010. To start 2011 in the best possible way they present their official debut album entitled “Falun Gong” on Enfant Terrible.

With their music Milligram Retreat brings back experiment and artistic value in a style of music that is otherwise mostly hollow and without any cultural relevance today. The careful crafted minimalistic sound sculptures go from poppy to noisy and from beat orientated to creepy ambient pieces.

While working in the tradition of 1980’s elektro pioneers and proto new wave acts Milligram Retreat are a product of this day and age. There are hints of Ende Shneafliet and Doxa Sinistra in their music and also some Berlin 80’s touches are evident. Still they never look back too far as they rather destroy the past to build it up again to their own likings.

Milligram Retreat is part of the new international electronic music and art movement. A movement Enfant Terrible will keep supporting and nourishing in the future…

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