Doxa Sinistra tape from 1982 on vinyl on Enfant Terrible

The second record released on Enfant Terrible back in 2005 was a
compilation with music from the legendary Dutch tape label Trumpett.
Featured on that record was of course Doxa Sinistra. This band was next to
Ende Shneafliet and The Actor the best known act on the label.

Doxa Sinistra was all about pure minimal electronics, proto-elektro and
experimentation. Their second tape “Conveyer Belt” from 1985 was already
released on vinyl by Enfant Terrible a few years ago. This re-issue
received only praise as being way ahead of its time back then and being
even today daring in the field of electronic music.

Now it is time to release the first tape “Via Del Latte” from 1982 on
vinyl for the first time. This first tape is serious freaky stuff.
Dissonant electronic sounds and weird tunes make up for  a sort of sci-fi
/ horror B-movie soundtrack. This is not your every day easy listening,
but a trip through a surreal Milky Way.

This 1980’s re-issue record will also close a chapter for Enfant Terrible.
All the music interesting to Enfant Terrible from the archive has found
its way onto vinyl in the collaboration between Trumpett and Enfant
Terrible. Trumpett employer and designer Zivago has throughout the years
become part of the Enfant Terrible crew as a graphic designer, consultant
and enthusiast. This collaboration will continue for sure.

Trumpett started a tradition for electronic music coming from Holland.
Enfant Terrible is proud to have become part of that tradition and to be
able to give this tradition  a new direction with supporting contemporary
Dutch electronic music. With this we pay tribute to the pioneers like Doxa
Sinistra. Take this trip with us back into the past one more time… and
follow us further into the future…

Release date: May 2011
Cat. nr: Enfant20
Format: vinyl LP
File under: minimal electronics / proto-elektro / experimental

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