Coming soon are the first releases of the year 2012. There are three tapes

in production. Two of these are linked to an art installation realized

with young visual artists in the last few months. These tapes will also be

available on its own.


First there is the Neurobit tape ‘The War Of The Worlds’. Neurobit shows

again his genius with gameboy / 8 bit sounds. This time he bring his

interpretation of the classic radio drama from 1938. The result is scary

and disturbing. Proving this radio drama is still relevant today. For

collectors there is the option to get this one with a very limited art

object of which only 11 exist.


Next there is the Diverse Artiesten – ‘…………….. ‘ tape. A piece

of pure Dadaism and Absurdism by artists that will remain anonymous.


The third tape is by Logosamphia. Unlike his common smashing lo-fi

chiptune polka sound ‘Passage Omni’ is classic ambient music done entirely

with the Omnichord. This is an electronic instrument from 1981 by Suzuki.


Next to the art objects with the Neurobit tape there are three more very

limited edition art objects. These are part of an installation that was

done as a project to bring together visual art and the music of Enfant

Terrible. This in the tradition of Pop Art, Trash Art and Dadaism as

Enfant Terrible works for a large part in the tradition of these styles.


The installation is also present at the next Enfant Terrible live event on

Thursday 2nd of February in Utrecht, NL at the very nice Huis aan de Werf

Theatre. Live on stage will be Neurobit, Neugeborene Nachtmusik (Milligram

Retreat solo act), Logosamphia, Puin+Hoop and Woud. This will be a night

of live electronics in the field of ambient, improvisation and minimal



More information, photos and sounds can be found on the Enfant Terrible


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