2014 = 10 years of Enfant Terrible


In 2004 Enfant Terrible released its first vinyl record… in 2014 I

celebrate 10 years of activity… first up will be a compilation album

filled with the sounds I love…next to that there is a full length album by

my favorite Norwegian band Europ Europ …


The compilation ”I Am Enfant Terrible” is all about the sound and moods of

the label… this selection of music makes clear the traditions I have been

working in but at the same time is pointing forward into the future…

from indie pop to new wave to minimal synth and from noise to elektro and

IDM and ambient… from poppy to experimental to dance music… featuring

artists like Solitude FX, Kord, Sololust, Kim Ki O, Neugeborene

Nachtmusic, Former Descent and more…


Europ Europ hits back with a full length album… while the ‘Mellowharsher’

mini LP (2012, Enfant Terrible) was subtle on every level this new full

length album by Europ Europ might be called subtle noise… ‘Repeating

Mistakes’ shows a slightly different side of the Norwegian band… they

are back to being a duo and back to basics in a way…  the album is noisy

but without being a simple drone… the band serves you lo-fi industrial

soundscapes presented as songs… sometimes haunting and disturbing but

the next minute soothing and hypnotic…


Europ Europ:

Release date: mid February 2014

Cat. nr: Enfant24

Format: 12” LP

File under: electronic music / experimental music / noise


V/A – I Am Enfant Terrible

Release date: mid February 2014

Cat. nr: ETX

Format: 12” LP

File under: electro / new wave



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