Empire State Human are delighted to announce we have signed with Werkstatt Recordings for the release of our next song based album “The Dark” in September, 2014 (werkstatt167].
Werkstatt Recordings, based in Rhodes/Greece, was founded in 2009 and is an independent net-label focusing on electronic synth music. Artists such as Protector 101, Arc Neon, Jowie Schulner, Beatbox Machinery, Kubinski & Droid Sector Decay, we’re very happy to
be joining a very unique and interesting label with a solid catalogue of releases.

“The Dark” is Empire State Human’s third album since July 2013, and features
all new songs, including a track with Martin Bowes, of UK band Attrition called “The Digital World”, on spoken vocals. Two tracks “Drifting” & “Funhouse” have original lyrics with by Tracey Bishop.
To quote lead vocalist Aidan Casserly – “The album is our most emotional album of all our 20 releases so far. We wanted to create a wall of electronic mood and layers, which builds up as each song begins and ends. Approaching the intimacy of the songs, as we did, was a difficult task, as with all our releases, we still see ourselves as an electronic pop band and not a rock band. But in reality we were ready to create this album, a cinematic, sci-fi styled one”

Full track listing:

Empire State Human “The Dark”

01. A tear in a blue sapphire

02. Monochrome
03. Black knight rising
04. Come lie with me
05. Cut glass
06. Drifting
07. Funhouse
08. The digital world (feat. Martin Bowes)
09. Rise for the lonely
10. The dark
The album will be released on Bandcamp & Juno by Werkstatt Recordings, which will also include a limited cdr release run. ESH will handle the digital release.
Sobel Promotions in the US will be partnering ESH and Werkstatt Recordings, regarding online/radio promotion.
Artwork by Fontpusher in London, the album is mastered by Pete Maher (Pet Shop Boys, Garbage, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails).


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