After the successful free download EP "The Cabinet" (take a look here in December, on 22th of February 2011 the debut album "Welcome To The Cabinet" by EGOamp will be published at Ionium Records.

EGOamp "Welcome To The Cabinet" (RD: 22th February 2011 / digital)

EGOamp - Welcome To The Cabinet

01. Holstenwall
02. The Cabinet
03. Curious
04. We Are Freaks
05. The Carnival
06. The Director
07. The Surgery
08. The Camera
09. The Veil
10. Lady and the Tramp
11. Out Of Place
12. Egomanic Maniacs


Video "Egomanic Maniacs":

Info: EGOamp was founded 1920 in the beautiful town Holstenwall by Asmodi Caligari, the director of the local Insane asylum, and enchants the hearts of all sleepwalkers and night owls with their electronic dancemusic. After several live concerts on carnivals of the republic and a free download EP in December 2010 on Ionium Records now the first movie clapper of their Neverending Story claps. "And action"!

"Welcome to the Cabinet" is joining the love to german silent movies of the Twenties with musical influences of 80s Synthpop, EBM, House and Trance. EGOamp doesn't consider themselves as a retroband, but know how to sound modern by the fat production of Chris Lietz (f.e. producer of "Die Krupps"). Loosely linked, the short soundscapes build a bridge to different threads of the cd. The central theme is the silent movie classic "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari" by Robert Wiene, 1920.

Fittingly the New Wave underground hit "The Cabinet" by the british band "Das Kabinette" has been adapted. Even the original authors of the track cherish the interpretation, so it's an authorised cover version so to say. Also other subjects like loneliness, revenge and movies in general have been processed lyrically, often presented with a wink of an eye. The ironic component is manifested in the stylish approach of the band.

Asmodi Caligari seems to be slipped directly of an old silent movie. It is rumored, that they even come out of the long lost motion picture ("Das Erbe des Dr. Lang", 1919) by director and theatre manager Joe Castle alias Josef Schloss, who speaks in the track "The Director" in person. "The Veil" describes the claustrophobic atmosphere of a room with the resulting isolation and escapism in severe drugs, which is based on dark harmonies, propulsive beats and lyrically stringency. "The Carnival", "Holstenwall" and "The Cabinet" establish a relationship to the story of the movie "Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari". Movie connoisseurs will find many cineastic cross reverences. The tracks shows more likely a connection to the soundtrack of "Metropolis" by Giorgio Moroder, than to a classic filmscore.

You can explore a lot of things in this debut, which does not shrink away from combining different styles of music and so creates an unique blend, which might be interesting for cineastic maniacs as well as lovers of electronic pop culture. "Welcome To The Cabinet" will be released on 22th of February 2011 at Ionium Records.


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