That's right! After a decade run PCP will be releasing "inVERSIONS" then closing the door to the project for good. For any unfamiliar with PCP it is a solo project by Little Sap Dungeon's founder and front man, K.J. Cazier.

Cazier says, "I just felt that the project had become too unstable and confusing for listeners with all the style changes in musical genres. In all honesty I could've started 4 different projects from PCP and built a much stronger fan base keeping styles separated. I'm not a fan of unpredictable projects either. At the time I just wanted a project with some diversity and have proven it can be done. Not every track needs to sound like the same song…. not every track needs to sound like a club hit which has been something that has bothered me about the scene from the get-go. I value projects with theme and imagination in their music, not gimmicks and club trash."

"inVERSIONS" will be available for digital download April 11th. Those of you who want a CD pressing, there will be a limited run of 50 copies available for pre-order. For all release info and links please visit http://www.dungeon-recordings.com/


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