Nervous Curtains
Low Defender EP
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17 April 2016

Nervous Curtains

Low Defender EP

Dreamy Life Records 2016


1. Low Defender

2. Light Up the Sky (Van Halen)

3. There’s a New World Opening for Me (The Kinks)

4. The Visitors (Abba)

5. White Flashes (Vessels remix)

6. City of Hate (Black Taffy Submerged mix)

7. Devastator Dub (Wire Nest mix)

Hailing from Dallas, TX, Nervous Curtains consists of Sean Kirkpatrick (vocals, keyboards), Ian Hamilton (keyboards) and Robert Anderson (drums). Kirkpatrick’s distinctive synthesizer and piano work has made him an intriguing figure in the Texas music scene for the past few decades, with a resume that includes three Kill Rock Stars releases with his former band, The Paper Chase, as well as a stint as a sideman in Spoon. Kirkpatrick was most recently featured on the Swans’ To Be Kind LP.
Since 2008, Nervous Curtains has created music with a twitchy, agitated feel against powerful live drumming. The band continues to expand its post-punk aesthetic in fascinating and unique directions, as Kirkpatrick’s dramatic and defiant vocals play off the band’s increased incorporation of electronic sounds. After just releasing its third and most confident album Con last October and recently unleashing the dark, cinematic “Devastator” music video, the band is already back with the new Low Defender EP featuring a brand new single, three cover songs and three remixes of tracks from Con.
Beginning with the title track, the EP opens with an ominous, saxophone-assisted intro that shortly vaults into a menacing synth riff. Kirkpatrick said, “The song “Low Defender” was actually recorded in the Con sessions. We were all really attached to it, but it didn’t seem to fit on the album, thematically or as far running-time goes. It’s a weird, kind-of-prog-y song with odd time signatures that goes a lot of places.”
Next up is a cover of the Van Halen II deep cut, “Light Up the Sky” which the band has radically rearranged to make the song its own while maintaining the inherent energy. “We listen to lots of Van Halen, Judas Priest, and stuff like that in the van,” said Kirkpatrick. “We’ve been talking about doing a Van Halen cover for years, so this seemed like a good time to do it. I’ve always been fascinated with reinterpreting guitar songs on keyboard instruments.”
Nervous Curtains goes surprisingly pop on its version of Abba’s “The Visitors.” “This song was suggested by the graphic designer of our 3 full lengths, EJ Anttila, as payment for all the free work he’s done for us. I’d honestly never heard this song before and didn’t think I liked Abba. But this is a dark, paranoid Cold War-era song, so it’s natural fit for us, and it gave me some appreciation for their songwriting genius,” said Kirkpatrick.
As for the remixes which make up the B-side of the EP:

  • Leeds UK 5-piece Vessels, an increasingly popular act at European electronic-focused music festivals, turns out a hypnotic, sub-heavy throb that is rich with rhythmic texture on their techno reimagining of “White Flashes.”
  • Black Taffy (aka This Will Destroy You’s Donovan Jones) mixes ambient synths and syrup-y DJ Screw beats on his “City of Hate” Submerged Mix.
    The Low Defender EP will be released on May 4 on cassette and CD via Fort Worth, TX’ Dreamy Life Records. Tour dates below:
    May 4 St. Louis, MO – Foam

    May 5 Oshkosh, WI – Reptile Palace

    May 6 Madison, WI – Mickey’s Tavern

    May 7 Dubuque, IA – The Lift

    May 14 Dallas, TX – Double Wide

    June 15 Houston, TX – Barbarella

    June 17 Fort Worth, TX – Shipping & Receiving

    June 25 Austin, TX – TBA

    July 7 Dallas, TX – 3 Links

    June 20 Nashville, TN – TBA

    June 21 Baltimore, MD – TBA

    June 22 Brooklyn, NY – TBA

    June 23 Washington DC – Velvet Lounge

    June 24 Louisville, KY – Cure Lounge


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