After several contributions to compilations and one 7 inch release here is the long awaited debut album called “puur” by Dutch electronic project Distel.


The sound of Distel is not easy to define… some might call this witch house while others would go for death disco or ritual elektro… but in the end it is electronic music with a background in industrial and minimal electronics with a magical and maybe even occult mood.


When seeking for references you could say that Distel has all the originality and talent of Coil and the sound is like that of Autechre on a dark trip. At the same time it is maybe too a bit as Esben and The Witch but pure electronic and darker… and it has links to the work of Haus Arafana/November Növelet but is for sure richer and deeper in sound.


What is evident is that the waiting for this album was worthwhile as it is one of the artistic highlights from the house of Enfant Terrible. It is beautiful and complex and grotesque on all levels.


Here is a link the official video for the track “hxxx”:

Distel – hxxx (official)

This video is directed by Marcus Moonen.


Release date: mid April 2013

Cat. nr: Enfant22

Format: vinyl LP

File under: dark elektro / (post) industrial

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