Ferrochrome –

Dirk Krause (Armageddon Dildos, DKDENT & Retro Adapter) and Aidan Casserly (Empire State Human, KuBO) have teamed up, to form a new electronic project called Ferrochrome.

They’re currently recording a debut album called ‘Under The Tongue’.

Their eclectic musical mix, and lyrical/dark poetic words, makes for an intriguing sound. Dirk is handling the music and Aidan the vocals side, and they record their parts in Netherlands and Ireland respectively. Final mixing is completed by Dirk Krause.

They’ve set up official facebook and soundcloud pages, where you can hear three songs (‘Under The Tongue’, ‘Medusa Water’ and ‘Shoot The Freak’).


Any record labels interested in their new act can contact Ferrochrome via these sites –



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