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September 2016

Dear friends,

• Our next “ZOO” LP (early material from 80’s remastered from original Revox tapes) will be released end of September by Dark Entries Records and Bain Total.

You can reserve/pre-order your copies at BAIN TOTAL :

– Ultra-limited Collector Deluxe Edition Vinyl LP including original signed and numbered prints and free digital download (49 EUR incl. VAT)
– Standard edition Vinyl LP incl. a signed card (18 EUR incl. VAT)
– Digital download on Bandcamp

… and possibly ultra-limited CD edition in A5 origami style packaging including original and numbered print(s), if you like/wish it 🙂

+ Shipping costs
– Minus 20% VAT for non-EU customers

The standard edition of the vinyl LP is also available directly to Dark Entries Records (USA) : http://bit.ly/2cKZndE“In 1982 Die Form released their debut vinyl album, “Die Puppe” in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. “Zoo” is a compilation of 10 tracks recorded during the “Die Puppe” sessions from 1980-82. These were the first esoteric electronic experiments, often improvised. Underlying themes of eroticism, death, and other ‘taboo’ subjects become apparent in both the music and the album artwork, which Philippe also produced. The album was recorded with entirely analog equipment, including a Roland MC4 Micro-Composer, TR-808 Rhythm Composer, ARP 2600, and Kawai 60F recorded to a Revox B77 reel to reel tape machine. Songs range from hypnotic, minimalistic proto-IDM to daring experimental sound manipulation. 4 of these songs were featured as a bonus 7” to accompany the 1989 vinyl reissue of “Die Puppe” but remixed for the project. The remaining 6 songs were also remixed and released on CD in 2001. For this reissue we asked the band to transfer the analog Revox tapes to release never before heard original versions of all 10 tracks.” (Dark Entries Records / USA)

Tracklist :
Message Through Hertz
Sex By Force
Ton Retrait Des Eaux
Hand In Hand

Leders Klub
Invisible Man
Zoophilic Lolita
After The Last Gaze

• Last copies of the “Murray CY edits LP” Ultra-limited Collector X Edition
incl. one signed uncensored A5 print are available at BAIN TOTAL
incl. Die Form (3 tracks), Nocturnal Emissions, Parazite, Fan Tan, AGeM, and Beats Per Minute.
Audio :

• A few copies of “Die Puppe” vinyl LP are available on our Bandcamp page :


• Another MUSIQUE CONCRÈTE “CINEMA OBSCURA” CD review has been published. Thank you Luna @Dark Exit !


• Other exciting and exclusive releases are in preparation 😉

Thank you for your support !
All the best & amitiés,
Philippe & Éliane

Our official mail-order links are :

BAIN TOTAL : baintotal@wanadoo.fr
BANDCAMP : http://dieform.bandcamp.com/
DISCOGS : http://www.discogs.com/seller/BainTotal/profile
BIG CARTEL (Rose Eros) : http://roseeros.bigcartel.com/products(signed and dedicated for you on request !)

• Facebook : www.facebook.com/DieFormMusic
• Vimeo : http://vimeo.com/dieform/videos
• YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/DIEFORMofficial/videos
• Spotify playlist “Some Experiences With Sounds” :

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