Daybehavior is about  to release their third full length album. Silent Dawn is the
second single now available in major digital stores as iTunes and Amazon.

Silent Dawn is a suggestive downtempo pop song, yet with a catchy chorus and will
take you on a hypnotizing trip with dreamy atmospheres, massive beats and the beauty
of Paulindas voice. Silent Dawn is very representative for the specific Daybehavior
The single also holds three remixes by Parralox (AUS), People Theatre (FR) and
Paramaterial (SWE).

The album is set to be released September 1st, and the title will be "Follow that Car!"


The new single already got positive attention in the blogosphere, some quotes:

"Silent Dawn can cast a spell on you" 

E&P (France)

"Minimalist electro-pop and fluffy dream-pop "
Schallegrenzen (Germany)

"Daybehavior incorporates cinematic dreamscape vocals and haunting melodies that
would fit comfortably in a french 1960s spy film soundtrack."
Bop 2 Pop

"One of my favourite songs for this spring"
Burning Flame 

"Great song-Very evocative"



About The Band
Daybehavior was formed in 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Tommy Arell (keyb and
electronics) , Carl Hammar (electronics and computers) and Paulinda Crescentini
(vocals). Inspired by movie soundtracks and early electronic pop music the band
signed to North of No South Records and released the debut album :Adored in 1996.
Published by Per Gessle's (Roxette) company Jimmy Fun Music.
:Adored was released in 15 countries, and resulted in four single releases.


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