To follow up the critically awarded album “Follow that Car!”, Daybehavior is now releasing a new single.


“For a Thousand Years” is a duet with longtime popster Julian Brandt. The single is backed with a song in Italian, called “Luci Della Città”.

Daybehavior formed in Sweden

in 1994. They have already received stunning reviews worldwide in press and blogs since their debut album “Adored” until their latest album “Follow that Car!”.





The new single with exclusive bonus track




The full-length album “Follow That Car!”



For a Thousand Years


Luci Della Città



“For a Thousand Years” on YouTube:


“Daybehavior have class in abundance”

New Musical Express, UK


“Daybehavior create touching minimalist melodramas where style gleefully kicks

sand into the eye of content”

Select, UK


“Daybehavior is without any doubt, one of the best exponents of todays electropop”

Side-Line Magazine, Belgium


“A fantastic display of artistic confidence and undeniable talent”

RegenMag, USA


“Hypnotic and unique!

The type i can listen to all day!”

Orcasound, Canada


“5 out of 5!”

Favourite Bloody Music, Japan


“A walking under the skin Jewel in

every pop CD-collection”

Suite101, Germany


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