Dais Records to re-issue CINDYTALK’s “Wappinschaw” & “The Wind is Strong” albums, out July 30, 2021

OUT JULY 30, 2021
                                                    photo courtesy of Steve Gullick

Cindytalk is the mercurial, expressionist outlet of Scottish artist Cinder. An evolution of her early 1980’s Edinburgh-based punk band The Freeze, she launched the project upon moving to London, inspired by the crossroads of exploratory UK post-punk and early European industrial. Her work thrives on chance and transformation, collaging elements of noise, balladry, soundtrack, catharsis, and improvisation. After a series of celebrated albums for the Midnight Music label as well as collaborations with This Mortal Coil and Cocteau Twins, Cinder migrated to the United States, becoming involved with various underground techno collectives around the Midwest and West Coast. Subsequent relocations to Hong Kong and Japan further expanded Cindytalk’s horizons, resulting in a fruitful partnership with Viennese experimental institution Editions Mego, for whom she released five full-lengths of swooning, granular atmosphere. 2021 finds her as engaged as ever, at the precipice of long-awaited back catalog reissues alongside multiple new works, guided by her lasting love of discovery and deviation: “new pathways always being uncovered.”The 3rd album, The Wind Is Strong, began life as the soundtrack to an experimental film by English director Ivan Unwin entitled Eclipse (The Amateur Enthusiast’s Guide To Virus Deployment), and was originally slated for release via Factory Records‘ video division, Ikon. Inspired heavily by Alan Splet’s eerily disembodied sound design in David Lynch’s Eraserhead, the collection’s 15 pieces seethe between field recordings, wistful piano vignettes, and lurking metallic haze – a hybrid palette Cinder characterized at the time as “ambi-dustrial.” Unfortunately Ikon collapsed on the eve of the project’s completion so the film was never distributed, but the Midnight Music imprint repackaged Cindytalk’s score as an LP in 1990 under the name The Wind Is Strong… (full title: The Wind Is Strong – A Sparrow Dances, Piercing Holes in Our Sky).Long out of print, the album remains one of the most elusive and adventurous in the Cindytalk discography, a mix of musique concréte, haunted reverie, and desolate beauty. Even unaccompanied by their intended visuals, this is overtly cinematic music, conjuring forests at dusk and shadowed corridors, equal parts remote and reflective. Cinder cites a belief that “all sound is music,” which fully manifests here, utilizing tape hiss, ticking clocks, flicking flames, and distant whispers as evocative accents in tapestries of luminous negative space.Although Cinder included the subtitle “A Cindytalk diversion” in the sleeve notes, The Wind Is Strong… is crucial to the project’s canon, demonstrating the depth and versatility of her unique ear and intuition. She describes each album as a direct response to the previous one, and in that sense The Wind marks a bold break from the coiled song-oriented post-punk of 1988’s In This World, venturing into unknown, unnamed terrain, and finding foreboding new futures to call her own.

Across decades of activity Cinder’s body of work has forever followed its own elusive muse but nowhere is this restless spirit more apparent and ambitious than the 4th Cindytalk LP, Wappinschaw. Conceived as “a call to arms” inspired by Scotland and its struggle for independence, the title refers to an archaic Scottish battle inspection during which clan chieftains surveyed their group’s weapons to ensure they were combat ready. A mindset of reflective preparation threads throughout the record, manifested in forms both naked and noisy, ancient and anguished.Opening with an aching solo vocal rendition of the British folk standard “The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face),” the album then surges into the Cindytalk classic, “A Song Of Changes,” sparkling and spiraling in strange waves of sorrow and joy. From there the mood fragments, tracing asymmetrical paths of feverish dirge, pensive spirituals, noir abstraction, spoken word (landmark Glaswegian writer Alasdair Gray guests on “Wheesht”), bagpipe drone, and apocalyptic post-punk. Given its aggressive eclecticism, it’s not surprising that Cinder describes the creation of Wappinschaw as a “precarious” process, composed from “scraps” with abruptly shifting personnel – a situation only compounded by the impending dissolution of their label at the time, Midnight Music.Despite, or perhaps because of, these factors, the collection stands as a testament to Cinder’s belief that “so-called experimental can only remain so if you keep challenging yourself.” This is singular and challenging music, texturally jagged and emotionally conflicted, swimming through shivering darkness into fragile pockets of light. At the time of its recording, Cinder was attempting to leave London after many years in the city, dreaming of an ancestral return. But as much as “ideas of homecoming were percolating,” there remained unfinished business, old ghosts to exorcise, culminating in Wappinschaw‘s heady, harrowing voyage: “An invocation  of spirits of resistance – as much a declaration of war as a declaration of love.”Listen: 
Cindytalk – “A Song of Changes”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTP0CP5knAo
Cindytalk – “On Snowmoor”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yKnMOnEy7g

Cindytalk – Wappinschaw –https://smarturl.it/cindytalkwappinschaw
Cindytalk – The Wind Is Strong…– https://smarturl.it/cindytalk-thewind

Dais Records
July 30, 2021
1. The First Time Ever 
2. A Song Of Changes 
3. Empty Hand  
4. Return To Pain 
5. Wheesht 
6. Snowkisss
7. Secrets And Falling 
8. Disappear 
9. Träumlose Nachte 
10. And Now In Sunshine 
11. Prince Of Lies 
12. Hush 
13. Muster

CD & Digital Bonus Tracks
The Moon Above Me
In Sunshine
Old Jack Must Die

The Wind Is Strong…
Dais Records
July 30, 2021

1. Landing
2. Firstsight
3. To The Room
4. Waiting
5. Through Flowers
6. Secondsight
7. Through The Forest
8. Arrival
9. Is There A Room For Hire
10. Choked I
11. Choked II
12. Dream Ritual
13. Morning Bell
14. On Snowmoor
15. Angel Wings


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