Pre-Orders are now being taken for the following upcoming titles:

“Ashes Of The World Empire” CD (168th Cycle)

“мреть (наутро ночь)” CD/LP (180th Cycle)

and for those who missed our last newsletter, pre-orders are taken for
“Stigma” Book/CD (114th Cycle)
Also from our CAVSAS imprint, we have 2 new titles coming up:
“The Emanation Of Begotten Chaos From God CD/LP

“One Soul, One Body, One Spirit” CD
ASHTORETH “Rites III-IV” CD/LP (157th Cycle)Awaited follow up to the 2019 album Rites I & II, we’re presented with 2 subsequent aural rituals from Peter Verwimp intricate guitar driven soundscapes. The Rites series touches on the importance of ceremony and ritual in our daily lives. It deals with our interconnectedness with nature as a whole and the necessity to acknowledge and use this connection as an amplifier of thoughts, ideas and emotions. Minimal, meditative ambient drones with layers of meandering guitars and voices mixing elements of doom, drone and ambient experimentation. Rites III & IV expand on the shamanic and animistic path, an ongoing journey through flesh, sound and spirit.CD Edition of 500 copies in 4 panels Digisleeve. 2 Tracks. Running Time 37:24LP Edition of 300 copies on Black Vinyl. Matt Lamination and black Paper Sleeve. 2 Tracks. Running Time 37:24Release Date (CD/Digital) December 10 2021
*vinyl to be release early 2022Shop
Simulacra / Triangular Ascension “Ashes Of The World Empire” CD (168th Cycle)First chapter in Simulacra’s “Artificial Series”, a collaborative experiment in which participating artists receives the same two basic soundscapes and are given carte blanche to sculpt these as they please. When Federico of Triangular Ascension heard the soundscapes he immediately envisioned an apocalyptic wasteland and merged the files into one long track, building layers around these to create the soundtrack of a world turned to ashes, where one is left wondering; what then? Where do we go from here… At times bleak and sparse with momentary pulsing structures, these recordings shows the skills of Triangular Ascension entwined with the entrancing work of Simulacra.Edition of 300 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve. 1 Track. Running Time 37:53Release Date November 12 2021Shop
Saáadon “мреть (наутро ночь)” CD/LP (180th Cycle)In 2018, the longtime partnership between the St-Petersburg based duo Sádon (familiar to us from their collaboration with Treha Sektori) & France’s Romain Barbot alias Saåad (who has curated & managed the BLWBCK label and released Sádon’s early material) finally turned into a musical collaboration as Saáadon. Entitled мреть (наутро ночь) (which can be translated as « Die (in the morning night ») is centered around the melancholic and introspective poetry of Donat Mavleev, evoking a secular dream, the end of time, its horizon and beyond. The trio’s music moves across drone & ambient soundscapes, giving birth to a disturbing strangeness with radiant hues, simultaneously intense and peaceful. A poignant emotional journey the likes only such a joining forces can conjure.CD edition of 300 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve, Matt Lamination. 5 Tracks. Running Time 37:02LP Edition of 200 copies on black vinyl with printed inner sleeve, Matt Lamination. 5 Tracks. Running Time 37:02Release Date (CD/Digital) December 10 2021
*vinyl to be release early 2022Shop
øjeRum “Stigma” Book/CD (114th Cycle)Hardcover book, thread-sewn binding. 176mmm x 254mm. 144 pages on Munken Polar 150 g/m2 paper. Scratch free mat laminate cover. Includes CD in paper sleeve. 2 Tracks. running time 60min. Limited Edition of 500 copies.A retrospective of artworks by Danish artist øjeRum (Paw Grabowski) exploring the complex relationship of humans and plants. Extending far back into our joint evolutionary history our deep relationship with, and understanding of, plants has enabled us to harness their nutritional, medicinal, and aesthetic benefits. Plants are central to our well-being, not only as food, but also as key components of our cultures, religions, and medicines. Through a unique hand collage technique, this series delves deeply into man’s connection to the natural world. It is a surrealist herbarium that intertwines bodies, minds and nervous systems through the vastness of plants, vines and flowers species. The major global challenges we face also impact our relationship with plants; we must protect their biodiversity, which holds vital information and solutions that can help us to cope with these problems. Plants are the life line that sustain humans and animals, and this book is an homage to our shared history. ISBN: 9782957938209Releases November 2021.Shop
EMANATION “The Emanation Of Begotten Chaos From God” CD/2LP (CS003)“Science and religion; facts and faith”…. The brainchild of Spanish multi-instrumentalist CG Santos (also of Teitanblood and Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere), Emanation is a disembodied auditory reflection on various cryptic ruminations surrounding science, faith, belief, and their many ramifications within human consciousness. One of the most mutant and defiant black metal entities to emerge in the last decade, the now dormant and always elusive project reached the pinnacle of its deconstructed and aberrant expression with 2011’s one-hour and eleven minute long masterpiece and heirloom of total sensorial dissolution “The Emanation of Begotten Chaos from God”, now seeing the light for the first time ever on vinyl format to coincide with and celebrate the 10th anniversary of its conceivement. The glorious double album incarnates via CAVSAS and US label Sentient Ruin through a carefully crafted high end double LP edition envisioned with maniacal care by the artist and both labels to enshrine the work in its ultimate and most timeless physical incarnation yet. CAVSAS also offers a limited Edition CD in 6 panels Digisleeve.

Though ten years of mostly silence have passed since its original release, “The Emanation of Begotten Chaos from God” remains years, decades, aeons ahead, or “away”, from reality and the present, perpetually defying times, moments and instances, and standing high as the crowning achievement of a monstrous vision which attempted to subvert consciousness and unravel the fabric of reality to place the listener at the center of a timeless audial hallucination of unparalleled evocative force. Nearly indescribable and almost impossible to conceptualize or contextualize, “The Emanation of Begotten Chaos from God” is a metamorphed audial alteration of reality, a dissolution of any fixed point within the sensorial plane of reference where “black metal” is used as a dissociative medium, as the primal hallucinogen to disintegrate the mind and make it lose its every connection to reality to understand its state and capabilities beyond logic and materiality.CD Edition of 300 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve, Matt Lamination. 6 Tracks. Running Time 72:05Standard Edition of 350 copies, Black Vinyl 2LP. Matt laminated gatefold sleeve with black flood inside pockets, matt printed inner sleeves.Special Edition of 150 copies, Clear Vinyl with White blob 2LP (150 units worldwide – direct label retail item not wholesaled or distributed) inside a matt laminated sleeve with black flood inside the pockets, printed inner sleeves.Release Date November 5, 2021Shop
EMANATION “One Soul, One Body, One Spirit” CD/DL (CS006)Originally released as a limited Cassette, now for the first time on CD. Emanation’s “One Soul, One Body, One Spirit” is an obscure Spanish Black Drone project with connections to Teitanblood and Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere. This five song album features a mixture of experimental black ambience and drone industrial dirges that is heavily inspired by the field of spiritism and séances along with other, more esoteric leanings, crafting a ghostly soundscape that gradually evolves into a kind of blackened hypnotic noise metal.CD Edition of 300 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve. Matt Lamination. 5 Tracks. Running Time 72:37Shop


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