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New Double album by Russia’s unique shamanic ritualists PHURPA.
“This album blurs the lines of reality, hyper reality, and surreality. Everything sort of blends together into a miasmic, cacophonous maelstrom of sound and audacity.” (Resounding Footsteps)
“Gyer Ro” 2CD / Digital
New offering from Russia’s shamanic ritualists PHURPA. Channeling the void with their eerie and engulfing overtone ritual chants rooted in the BON tradition of Tibet, their mesmerising rituals are used as a tool of transmogrification. The chanting meditations are accentuated by the use nga drums, rolmo cymbals, gyaling oboes, as well as telescopic dunchen horns, dunkar shells and short wandun horns. Their performances are meant as exercises in aural power, channeled primordial sounds aimed to alter ones consciousness, otherworldly prayer mantras pulsating through the chakras.  This exhaustive Double album was recorded in Moscow, Russia in March 2016. Let go and touch the emptiness…
Edition of 500 Copies in Gatefold A5 sleeve. 4 Tracks on 2 CDs. Running Time 2:03:36
Release Date: April 5 2017
Label: Cyclic Law
Cat No: 91st Cycle
File Under: World / Tibetan / Ritual / Drone
Format: Double CD In Gatefold A5 Sleeve
Pressing Quantity: 500 Copies
4 Tracks. Running Time 2:03:36
UPC: 089902506919
1. Laughter Of To-Nag-Ma
2. Hundred Syllable Mantra
3. Mu-Ye
4. Three Mantras Of Bon
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