Lapis Sacrificialis” CD (157th Cycle)
New album by Russian ritual ambient entity Corona Barathri, offering 4 rituals, 4 sacrificial stones as the the foundation of this opus. Enthralling incantations merge with deep ceremonial atmospherics, immersing one into the realm of ritualistic fervour. A foreboding aural channeling of dark forces by Chthonia, Darkarma and Hekte Zaren which also features appearances by Martyria and Nam-Khar. Recorded in 2018-2020 the album is dedicated to the memory of Andrey Kein (Corona Barathri).The rituals are aimed at:
I. Liberation of and ancient witch’s soul sealed in stone. Now she is free. Forever in Darkness.II. A Witch is calling to the Black Heart standing by the funeral pyre…With her blood, mortal flesh and bones, she feeds the blazing flame…It burns everything that is human and divine.III. The call to Astaroth. Revelations coming through the Breath of Darkness. Sinister Wisdom granted to all unholy souls. Insanity for the children of the Earth.IV. Descent into the depths of the Dark. Into Tartarus. Homecoming.
Artwork by Bahrull Marta. Designed by Cold Graves.
Edition of 300 copies in 6 panels Digisleeve, Matt Lamination. 4 Tracks. Running Time 40:30 UPC: 694536563490
Release Date December 21 2021 
 Official Release links: VIEW ON CYCLIC LAW or VIEW ON BANDCAMP


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