It is 30 years since Cultural Amnesia’s first cassette album, 28 since their last. Since CA reactivated in the late 90s there have been a number of well-received releases of remastered 80s material, and also some releases of new recordings (read reviews here). However, This Is Not Your Shape is the first full album of new material from CA since 1983. The release comprises:

  • – 9-track album of material recorded 2004–2009
  • – Cover artwork in CD-package form
  • Verbose Logging: a 23-page A4 designed PDF booklet reproducing the songs on the album and others recorded by CA since the late 90s
  • –  A video for the non-album track ‘Contains’ (first released on Enormous Savages Enlarged). the video


Album minisite @ Bleak

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