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CUBE is an experimental electronic music project from Adam Keith of Oakland, California. Cube’s first release came back in 2010, a self-released tape called Cubicle Rites. Since then, Keith has released numerous cassette tapes through his own imprint; through Human Conduct, a Baltimore experimental label; and through Digitalis, a prolific Oklahoma label, among others. Musically, he touches on industrial, dub, techno, noise, and more, but does so with a distinctly personal, emotional touch — the spirit of a singer-songwriter lurks underneath his waves of distortion.

My Cube is Cube’s first vinyl LP, and it is a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic listen, containing a multitude of moods and atmospheres. It sounds like the West Coast’s answer to Container, and will appeal to fans of Aussie synth-punks Total Control just as much as it will to fans of RegisSilent Servant, and their seminal Downwards record label. Side A begins with a noisy scree, giving way to “Favorite,” a riotous post-punk storm of churning guitars and drum machines, and ends with the all-too-brief techno beauty of “Opaque.” Flip the record over and you’ll hear the piston-like beats and searing guitar of “Bargain Water”; soon comes the heavy, dancefloor-ready “Auto / Composite Face Fetish.” If industrial music is less a sound than an attitude, then My Cube sounds like a rallying cry for the modern age.

Left Hand Path is a new label launched by Nihar Bhatt and Chris Zaldua of the San Francisco-based Surface Tension collective, who have been throwing events over the past several years focusing on the intersection between experimental music and the dancefloor. Both have been DJing, playing and promoting for years in the Bay Area, specifically engaged in the DIY electronics/techno underground.

Surface Tension have featured the likes of Sandra Electronics, Ancient Methods, Orphx and Talker at their parties since starting in late 2013.

Left Hand Path seeks to represent the aesthetics and atmosphere of the underground culture that has long been an integral part of Bay Area music, and contextualize it amongst the contemporary global musical currents influenced by it. Initial Left Hand Path releases come courtesy of Bay Area artists (the second release is a left-field techno EP from C.L.A.W.S., the drummer of synthy post-punk band Bronze), but future releases will come from international artists, including a 12″ from Toronto’s Solvent and an LP from Forests, a Taiwanese post-industrial three-piece band, later this year.

Left Hand Path is featured on the cover of this months edition of The Wiremagazine, with an in depth feature on the label. On newsstands now! 

Listen to “Safe Word” below!

My Cube
Left Hand Path
June 24, 2016

01. First
02. Favorite
03. Private
04. Silhouette
05. Safe Word
06. Opaque
07. Commercial For Tooth Paste
08. Bargain Water
09. Emblem
10. Auto
11. Composite Face Fetish
12. No Name
13. Didn’t Feel A Thing

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