In 1997, Cronos Titan had a flood in their studio just after recording what would have been their second studio album, and as a result, lost most of their equipment, their computer, their discs, their DAT-tapes and so forth.
The album “Valium” that was recorded and thought lost for almost 18 years, resurfaced in November 2014 when a DAT-tape was found, and it’s now being released on CD and as a 55 Copies Limited Edition Box Set with t-shirt, poster etc, via the German label Emmo.Biz Records. Digitally it will be released on all platforms via Sub Culture Records.
For pre-orders/orders of the CD or the limited edition box set, or info about the Emmo.Biz Records, go to:
For more info on Sub Culture Records, go to or
For more about Cronos Titan, go to: or


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