Title: Life Is Calling (Limited Edition)
Format: Album CD
Tracks: 15
EAN: 9008798132782
Catalogue-No.: CRCD TSOTC 01
Price (net): 8,00 €
Release-date: 29.11.2013 (new!)
The Sound Of The Crowd is a new indie project conceived by world-class electronic producer John von Ahlen.
Taking various influences from New Order, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and iconic acoustic acts from the 60s likeThe Carpenters and Randy Crawford, the landscape ofThe Sound Of The Crowd is a rich and atmospheric sound bathed in emotion, irony, polar contrasts, and hope for mankind, shadowed by despair. 
John von Ahlen created The Sound Of The Crowd as music therapy in-between production and downtime from his main electronic pop act Parralox. Upon falling in love with music from many of today’s indie bands like MGMT, The Sound Of Arrows and The Naked And The Famous, he decided to release The Sound Of The Crowd’s first single “Wildlife”, with intention to revive the influential sound of New Order whilst maintaining an indie sensibility, voice and spirit.
The official album cover:
Track list of the CD:
01. Aeronaut
02. Somebody
03. Wildlife
04. Mystery
05. Wrong Or Right
06. Lattidore (feat Ulla Kruse)
07. Life Is Calling
08. Companion
09. Oblivion
10. Atmosphere
11. Shalom (feat Ulla Kruse)
12. Conclusion (feat Nic Toupee)
Bonus Tracks:
13. Agent Cooper
14. Elisabeth
15. Beautiful Dreamer (feat Ulla Kruse)
Here are the songs’ snippets:


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