It’s time for great news from conzoom Records. Erasure support act PARRALOX release their sold out debut album “Electricity” in an limited 2 CD “Electricity (Expanded)” edition on 31.10.2014. Many albums have been sold yet so there are only about 200 copies left. 

On 31.10.2014, a dream come true to many Parralox fans. The long time out of print debut album from Parralox appears in a new edition edition double CD limited to 500 units only. This double cd features the original 15 tracks of the album plus previously unreleased material and extended versions from that time. 

The first CD features three unreleased and exclusive demo versions of the songs “I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine”, “Factory Friends” and enjoy “Eastern Wall” as bonus tracks. 

The limited edition second CD that comes with just this edition, then contains eight unreleased Extended Versions of the classics and of Parralox fans beloved songs “Europe”, „Black Jeans”, “X Minus One”, “Underground”, “Lovely”, “Should Not Be” and “I Heart U”. Also unreleased and exclusive to this limited second CD are still the original demo version of “Footsteps” as well as other exclusive remixes. 

A must have for all Parralox fans, a must have for all synthpop fans and a must have for all 80s lovers. This “Electricity (Expanded)” double-CD release also includes a comprehensive CD booklet with all the lyrics of the songs.

Track listing:

CD 1:

01. Europa 4:57

02. Black Jeans 3:28

03. I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine 3:46

04. Eastern Wall 4:13

05. Electricity 3:45

06. Sharper Than A Knife 4:16

07. Lovely 4:17

08. I Heart U 3:28

09. You And Me Both 4:11

10. X Minus One 3:52

11. Underground 4:42

12. We Believe In Electric Love 3:28

13. Factory Friends 4:46

14. The End Of Summer 4:03

15. Should Not Be 5:38

16. I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine (Demo) 3:45 *

17. Factory Friends (Demo) 5:32 *

18. Eastern Wall (Demo) 4:15 *


CD 2:

01. Europa (Extended) 9:03 **

02. Black Jeans (Extended) 6:05 **

03. X Minus One (Extended Mix) 5:45 **

04. Underground (Extended) 8:04 **

05. Lovely (Extended) 4:12 **

06. Should Not Be (Extended) 11:07 **

07. I Heart U (Extended) 7:42 **

08. Footsteps (Demo) 5:28 *

09. Factory Friends (SFS We Are Silent Mix) version1 7:06 *

10. Sharper Than a Knife (POS.:2 Remix) 4:31 *

11. The End of Summer (Dream Mix by Twisted Destiny) 5:04 *

12. X Minus One (POS.:2 Remix) 4:04 *

** unreleased

unreleased and exclusive on this CD release

Everyone who is interested in getting a copy shall use this link to our label store

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