With “Goodbye” Patrik Hansson and Jonas Olofsson release the first official single from Swedish electro band VANGUARD. The release is purely digital, and as the original version of the electric energy, there are two more “Goodbye” remixes by Enrico Cibulka and People Theatre. Both remixes of the track dressed in new clothes, weights. The momentum of the track and highlight the quality and diversity of VANGUARD. And with “Crown Of Pain” and “So Hard”, the two Swedes set then even two previously unreleased songs complete with on top. The new single is available worldwide from all major download stores.
On the homepage of the label of VANGUARD, conzoom Records (www.conzoomrecords.com) one can download (after a short registration) even the complete single for free in outstanding 320 kbs quality. 
01. Goodbye (Album Version)
02. Crown Of Pain
03. Goodbye (Enrico Cibulka Remix)
04. Goodbye (People Theatre Left Mix)
05. So Hard


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