1. VANGUARD “Sanctuary (Expanded Version)”
Release date: 15.06.2012
Label: conzoom Records
The Swedish duo Vanguard has just completed with the successful producer [L]aux the tracks of their debut album “Sanctuary”. The result is electropop of the highest quality. Fascinating bass lines, playful melodies and an atmospheric soundscape that is unparalleled to characterize the first album by Jonas Olofsson and Patrik Hansson. You will love this album!
01. Shine
02. Goodbye
03. Save Me From Myself
04. Now That We´re Here
05. My World
06. Make The Cut Clean
07. In Your Arms
08. What Did You Achieve
09. Obscene
10. Trigger
11. Rage
12. A Certain End
13. Shame (exklusiver CD Bonustrack)
14. Better Man (exklusiver CD Bonustrack)
Have a listen to the snippets of the songs:
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2. FUTURE PERFECT “Escape (Expanded Version)”
Release date: 15.06.2012
Label: conzoom Records
The Future Perfect’s first official album “Escape” comes up with a lot of electro hits. A mixture of melody, rhythm, intelligent basslines and beautiful vocals marks the titles of the two Britons Simon Owen and Rebecca Morgan. The limited edition CD of the album includes ten official titles plus two exclusive bonus tracks! A must-have for any electro fan!
01. War Of Words
02. Counterattack
03. Silent Scream
04. Paradise
05. Escape
06. Light
07. Complicated Machine
08. Saint Perfect
09. Angel Of Protection
10. We Fly
11. Escape (Aurora 7 Remix) (exklusiver CD Bonustrack)
12. Paradise (Stuck Loop Remix) (exklusiver CD Bonustrack)
Have a listen to snippets of the songs:
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3. CINEMASCAPE “Night Vision (Digital EP)”
Release date: 01.06.2012
Label: conzoom Records
Cinemascape release with “Night Vision” the first single from their successful debut album “The Falling Impossible”. In addition to the album version, there are several exciting and also fascinating remixes of the title. Cinemascape to show “Night Vision” as they skillfully combine elements of electro, melodic, romantic and charismatic. One can not escape this song and each version is no longer immediately after the first hearing.
01. Night Vision (Album Version)
02. Night Vision (Synthesizer Fox Mix by Channel East)
03. Night Vision (Skin To Skin Mix by Cinemascape)
04. Night Vision (Paradoxal Remix)
05. Night Vision (Extended Version by Cinemascape)
06. Night Vision ([L]aux Remix)
07. Night Vision (Carved Souls Infrared Mix)
Have a listen to snippets of the songs:
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4. SOUND TESSELATED “Morning (Ltd. Version)”
Release date: april 2012
Label: Soud Tesselated
After four long years of silence, the Berlin based electropop band Sound Tesselated is back with their fifth Studio album. With “Morning” the band created a new milestone in their almost 20 year band history. So enjoy wonderful Synthpop sounds, a great voice and discover “Morning” in a very special way! 
01. Wonderland
02. Paper Dreams
03. Plastic People
04. Crossing Borders
05. Nautic Lovesong
06. On The Shore
07. Starlight Queen
08. Memories
09. When You Light Me
10. The Way I Walk
11. Higher Skies
12. Out Of The Dark
13. Night 2012 
14. Don’t Wanna See You (Feat. Durlaub)
Have a listen to snippets of the songs:
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