1. MOONLIGHT COVE release new album “Hearts Of The World” on May 11th 2012
Swedish synthpop band MOONLIGHT COVE release their follow up album to “Orphans Of The Storm” which was released back in 2008. With “Hearts Of The World” Markus Landgren, Mattias Karlsson Lofroth and Marcus present beautiful music that makes the heart  of every synthpop fan beat higher. An impressive and easy good humor mood spreading is mediated through the ten tracks on the album. Fascinating melodies, harmonies and distinctive warming and charismatic vocals make “Hearts Of The World” a unique experience.
01. Stranger
02. This Is Ephoria
03. Moment Of Light
04. Last Of The Heartbroken
05. Save
06. Forever Me
07. Embrace Of Your Shadow
08. New Sad Ones
09. Hero Of Mine
10. Lost Angel

2. OSTRICH – first album “The Ostrich Effect” will be released on May 18th 2012!
The first official sign of life from Ostrich was a track on the compilation series “electropop.” in 2009. “Sleepy Angel” has been one of the highlights of the compilation and Ostrich also did well with their exceptional performances in the context of the “electropop.” festivals the same year.
In 2011, Ostrich signed with the German electropop label conzoom Records a worldwide deal. And now it is time for “The Ostrich Effect” – the long awaited debut album from Ostrich. This album will make the hearts of all synthpopfans beat faster.
Wonderful harmonies, stunning and emotionally captivating melodies take the listener on a fantastic and timeless ride on the waves of synthpop.
The album will be released in both, digital and physical form. The limited edition CD version of “The Ostrich Effect” contains eleven tracks plus an exclusive title called “The Clown”.
And one thing is already definitely for sure: With “The Ostrich Effect” Ostrich releases the synthpop album of 2012.
01. A Need To Believe
02. Lukewarm
03. Lonely Ghost
04. Turn The Tide
05. Es Loco
06. Sleepy Angels
07. I Am Out
08. Gold, Silver & Stones
09. Prepare To Fall
10. Icecold Kisses
11. Firealarm
12. The Clown (exclusive CD bonus track)

3. ELECTROPOP.7 – the famous synth- / electropop series continues after one year – volume 7 will be released on May 18th 2012!
After one year of silence conzoom Records continue their successful compialtion series “eletropop.” with volume 7!
And again you can find 13 new and fresh bands taking part on this release. So enjoy the new electropop. compilation and discover 13 new bands! Have fun!
01. Casm “A Shattered Mind (Mesh Remix)”
02. Cinemascape “Night Vision (Synthesizer Fox Mix By Channel East)”
03. Cold Connection “Degraded Life (Extended Version)”
04. Daniel “Safe (Extended Version)”
05. Dressenvall “Bless Me (People Theatre”s Prayer Mix)”
06. Isaac Junkie “Walking Away (Remix by re-legion)”
07. Mental Discipline feat. Felix Marc “Fallen Stars (Reworked Extended Version)”
08. Polaroid Kiss “Pay Your Dues (Assemblage 23 Remix)”
09. Ray Grant “Maybe (Dance Mix)”
10. Sad January “Visions Of You (Extended Version)”
11. Space March “Shadows (Extended Mix)”
12. The Sound Of The Crowd “Companion (Extended)”
13. Vainerz “I Try To Be (Parralox Remix)”

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