Some things take even a little longer! But now is the time! After 18 years ZOON POLITICON are back with a new album!

ZOON POLITICON are back with a brand new album. “Black In White” is the follow up to their 1998 album “For Several Voices” and features 13 brillant new tracks that show the fascination of timeless electropop. Wonderful melodies, cool basslines and atmospheric harmonies make the quality of each track of the new ZOON POLITICON album. The first edition of the album is released as a double-cd. The bonus-cd features many great remixes of different album tracks (several of them exclusive to this album release). Remixers of the tracks were artists like e.g. Parralox, Orange Sector and Sinestar.
CD 1 (Album „Black In White“):
01. Run Forever
02. Mercy
03. Moments (Album Version)
04. Good Morning
05. Dreamer
06. Special Kind Of Love
07. New Phase
08. Candle Of Truth
09. Good Evening
10. Timekiller (Album Version)
11. Such A Bore
12. Sense Of Life
13. Galaxy
CD 2 (Remixes):
01. Sense Of Life (Orange Sector Remix)
02. Run (Vainerz Remix)
03. New Phase (Anxiety Remix by Sinestar)
04. Sense Of Life (To The End Mix by Zoon Politicon)
05. Run (Parralox Remix)
06. New Phase (People Theatre’s Plug Mix)
07. Special Kind Of Love (Tough2Mix by Zoon Politicon)
08. Timekiller (Zeitlos Mix by Zoon Politicon)
09. Run (Madmoizel Remix)
Official Video-Teaser of the new ZOON POLITION album:
Soundcloud-Player with nine tracks!
Pre-ordering link for our Label Store:


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