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Cold Spring Bi-Weekly Newsletter – 12th April 2012

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Burial Hex ‘Book Of Delusions’ CD

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Sleep Research Facility ‘Stealth’ 2CD
Sagittarius ‘The Kingdom Come’ CD
Sleep Research Facility ‘Stealth’ T-Shirt
Burial Hex ‘Book Of Delusions’ T-Shirt

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SLEEP RESEARCH FACILITY | Stealth 2 x CD (CSR159CD) £12 / £13 / £14

Shipping: 16th April
Sublime new album from the drone / dark ambient legend. “Stealth” presents itself as an exploration of sounds neither here nor there, textures camouflaged against their own background noise, and the distant crackling telemetric code-speak of a vague humanity hidden behind a cloak of deadly high-technology. Five deeply-layered extended tracks, mixed and edited from re-sampled location recordings originally captured inside the hangar environs of a Northrop-Grumman B-2 Stealth Bomber, during a period of downtime maintenance at a U.S. Air Force base in Cambridgeshire. Original field recordings and texture preparations by FOURM / Si_Comm. First edition pressing of 1000 copies includes bonus disc comprised of this *pre-mix* material in its original, un-edited form, as a representation of the source audio from which “Stealth” was reconstituted. Deep listening inspired by one of the most mysterious aircraft of the 20th century. Headphones recommended.

[MP3] / [MP3] / [MP3]


BURIAL HEX | Book Of Delusions CD (CSR166CD) £10 / £11 / £12

Shipping: Now
During the period in which Clay Ruby first began working on this piece of art, he had become so completely surrounded by evil and deception that he was forced to begin summoning a particularly extreme and ancient force of protection and vitality just to make it alive through the end of 2008. Aside from spiritually fortifying Ruby’s life, the complexities of these new elemental entities brought with them circumstances causing a much more rich and intense recording experience than he could have ever composed on his own. Classic horror electronics and post-industrial apocalyptic soundscapes with unsettling notes, anguished cries and voices of the dead. His most ritualistic album yet. Reissue of the extremely limited LP with bonus tracks taken from the split LPs with Kinit Her and Zola Jesus, all available on CD for the first time! All tracks have been carefully remastered.

[MP3] / [MP3] / [MP3]

SAGITTARIUS | The Kingdom Come CD (CSR152CD) £8 / £9 / £10

Shipping: 16th April
Recorded between 2008 and 2011 and influenced by the intellectual world of the German poet Stefan George, “The Kingdom Come” contains 18 songs with a playing time of 65 minutes. With Sagittarius now grown to a full four piece line-up featuring new members Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben) on vocals and Theresia W. on oboe, and once again assisted by a number of highly gifted guest musicians, including sG (Secrets Of The Moon), Dev (While Angels Watch) and Josef K. (Von Thronstahl), Sagittarius has managed to conceive a unique and outstanding album in the tradition of the classic European Art Song, blending sophisticated neoclassical compositions with a touch of suicidal folk noir.

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Shipping: 16th April
Stunning new shirt to celebrate the new album from the drone / dark ambient legend. Highest quality black shirt with ‘stealth’ blueprint design in white. Check website for available sizes.

BURIAL HEX | Book Of Delusions T-Shirt (CSR168TS) £11

Shipping: 16th April
Cvlt new shirt celebrating the ‘Book Of Delusions’ album from Burial Hex. Features the album design in white on highest quality black shirt. Check website for available sizes.

PSYCHIC TV | Ov Power CD (CSR160CD) £8 / £9 / £10
Shipping: Now
Live at Klecks Theatre, Hamburg, 16th September 1984. Originally issued as a vinyl bootleg in 1985. Fully remastered and expanded. PTV at their most Industrial.

PSYCHIC TV | Paramartha CD (CSR161CD) £8 / £9 / £10
Shipping: Now
Live 22nd September 1984, Pandora’s Music Box, Rotterdam. 1985 bootlegs ‘Paramarth’ and ‘Unclean’ remastered to create the full live show for the first time.

PSYCHIC TV | Batschkapp CD (CSR162CD) £8 / £9 / £10
Shipping: Now
Batschkapp, Frankfurt, West Germany, 10th December 1984. Originally a bonus CD with “Were You Ever Bullied At School…” (CSR27CD). Not available for 12 years.

LULL & BETA CLOUD & ANDREW LILES | Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured CD (CSR139CD) £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

[MP3] / [MP3] / [MP3]

Shipping: Now
LULL (Mick Harris of Scorn, ex-Napalm Death) and BETA CLOUD (Carl Pace). Billows of powerful bass drones. Includes a remix track by Andrew Liles (NURSE WITH WOUND).

KREUZWEG OST | Gott Mit Uns CD (CSR141CD) £10 / £11 / £12

[MP3] / [MP3] / [MP3]

Shipping: Now
Michael Gregor (SUMMONING / AMESTIGON). Pounding drums surrounded by trumpets and swirling voices. Martial Industrial to Classical sounds, from deep Ambient to cinematic anthems.

HELDENTOD | The Ghost MachineCD (CSR131CD) £10 / £11 / £12

[MP3] / [MP3] / [MP3]

Shipping: Now
Death industrial and power electronics, with themes of ghosts, ancestor worship, human sacrifice, neolithic fertility rights, unseen dimensions and inhuman intelligences.


HIRSUTE PURSUIT feat. BOYD RICE – ‘Boyd Keeps Swinging’ 12″ (CSR157EP)
HIRSUTE PURSUIT – ‘Tighten That Muscle Ring’ CD (CSR158CD)
AX – ‘Metal Forest’ CD (CSR167CD)
NDE – ‘Kampfbereit’ CD (CSR164CD)

• 9-16 Apr 12, Europe (IT / HU / SK / CZ)
• 10-13 May 12, Australia

• 10 Apr-25 Jul 12, Europe (NL / BE / AT)

• 12 Apr 12, Manchester Academy, Manchester
• 14 Apr 12, Tate Modern, London

• 21 Apr 12, Instant Chavires, Montreuil (FR) – with Astral Social Club
• 12 May 12, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow – with Fordell Research Unit

• 21 Apr 12, Club Debil, Dresden (DE) – with Einleitungszeit

• 3 May 12, The Victoria, London – with Shift, Hal Hutchinson

• 4-6 May 12, 30 Years Of Broken Flag, The Dome, London.
with Ramleh, Skullflower, Consumer Electronics, Con-Dom, The New Blockaders, Kleistwahr, Le Syndicat, Grunt, Sigillum S

• 8 May – 5 Jul 12, ‘Vampyr’ tour. (UK / IE)
• 25-28 May 12, Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig (DE)

• 17-18 Aug 12, Dark Bombastic Evening, Transylvania (RO) – with Of The Wand And The Moon

• 17-18 Aug 12, Fell Foot Wood, Cumbria, Lake District. – with Faust, Zoviet France, Z’EV, Black Sun Drum Corps, Human Greed, Cindytalk, Hati


Koji Asano


Maeror Tri

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21 GRAMMS – ‘Water-Membrane’ CD (Greytone) – £11 / £12 / £13
With many quality independent productions, 21 Gramms has garnered so much praise from so many quarters in the past years. “Water- Membrane” is the second CD album from Poland’s 21 Gramms. Seven extended pieces of sublime orchestral dark natural ambient, generated a truly wonderful album. “Water-Membrane” sounds like a last hope inner movement into the most unknown decadency of the soul. Discouraging, shining, naturally isolationist. Digipak.
AB INTRA – ‘Supremus’ CD (Zoharum) – £11 / £12 / £13
“Supremus” is almost an hour of music placed in the widely-understood dark ambient genre. The album reflects a much more mature image of the artist who consciously creates a world of his own sound and vision. The idea behind the album is the trial of creating an inner feeling, or impression, which is superior to others (Supremus comes from Latin and it means the highest, definite, dominant), which is in fact the effect of tuning one’s mind and stepping outside the conditioned structures. It is a trial of placing consciousness in the sphere of pure sensations where the word becomes dominated by the sound, surrounded by the feeling, and the symbol and vision become the carrier of new meanings. 6-panel digipak.

All Ab Intra Titles

ASTROWIND – ‘Kaidanovsky’ CD (Greytone) – £11 / £12 / £13
This Latvian sound designer creates amazing, deeply emotional and romantic music with help of vintage analogue synthesizers and an open-reel tape recorder. There is a feel of escapism with huge chords of hissing analogue synthesizers, and a special kind of Baltic melancholia. This first Astrowind CD is a tribute to Aleksander Kaidanovsky, worldwide well known and seminal Russian actor and film director. The album consists is eight tracks filled with mind-floating constructions and de-constructions that will bring the listener to a wider dimension. ”Kaidanovsky” sounds like an oppressive, yet captivating, music experience surfing from a lysergic and mutant electronic textures to a degraded samples and hypnotic  voices of the universe. A really amazing and impressive  album for one of the most talented artist coming from Baltic area. Digipak.
BVDUB – ‘I Remember (Translations Of Mørketid)’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £12 / £13 / £14
Bvdub (aka Brock Van Wey) ‘translates’ Netherworld’s 2007 album “Mørketid” (Glacial Movements). From the opening notes of hearing the original he was mesmerised… ” the music brought a flood of memories surging forth that I had long thought lost. It took me back to those times when ambient music was so pure, and so true”. He used Netherworld’s work as a base, interweaving narratives on those memories and feelings… memories of dreams lost, and never fulfilled… but also the beauty in knowing that dreams exist. Digipak.
CONTROL UNIT – ‘The Fugitives’ LP (Backwards) – £15 / £18.50 / £22
The mighty New York guitarist Ninni Morgia, usually devoted to experimental, improv, free-jazz and avant-garde, turns himself for this occasion into a real Industrial musician, together with his companion Silvia Kastel, a young multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with a strong attitude for the bleak and jarring sounds from the first industrial music wave. “The Fugitives” sounds like a perfect car-crash between the early US and English industrial scenes, influenced by ‘great Industrial music from 1978’ (Factrix, Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire). Four intense episodes of pure madness, obscure and sensual at the same time, thanks to Morgia’s devastating technique and delirious strings, and Kastel’s hypnotic groans, biting screams and caustic, powerful synthetic raids. Ltd x 250 copies with handmade, silkscreened sleeve.

All LP / 12″ Vinyl

CORRUPTED – ‘Vasana / An Island Insane’ 2 x 7″ (HG Fact) – £40 / £43 / £46
EXTREMELY RARE ARCHIVE FIND BY CORRUPTED THEMSELVES! Corrupted are one of the most exciting Doom / Sludge projects from Japan. Corrupted took the old seeds of extreme doom metal and took them entirely to their own place, completely separate from sunnO))) and their ilk, creating a form of long-form drone-doom that is almost orchestral in nature, in a minimalist sense. Erupting from the darkness of Osaka’s underground, these studio works also feature original YOB bassist Lowell Iles. This rare limited edition package from 2007 includes the 7″ singles ‘Vasana’ and ‘An Island Insane’ and is limited to 1000 copies. Hand-numbered and sealed in a hand-stamped jiffy. Long out of print and impossible to find – act fast!


All Corrupted Titles All 7″ Vinyl

FABIO ORSI – ‘The New Year Is Over’ 3 x CD (Silentes) – £16 / £17.50 / £19
Nine long and extraordinary tracks collected in a triple CD set. Fluctuating ambient atmospheres, hypnotic rhythmic progressions, circular and motionless stasis, acid psychedelic escapes and evocative electronic reflections. Slow suites of “classic” ambient music suspended and dilated, soft and wrapping sonorities alternated with evocative and dramatic crescendos, through progressive sounds layerings, drones, pulses, distant echoes of human voices and subliminal perceptions of ethnical vibrations. A long and absorbing journey through distant sounds and universes… timeless music without boundaries. Ltd x 300 hand-numbered copies in an outsize 6-panel sleeve.

All Fabio Orsi Titles

FABIO ORSI – ‘Von Zeit Zu Zeit’ LP (Backwards) – £15 / £18.50 / £22
This composition was recorded live in Berlin, 2010, edited and mastered by Fabio Orsi in late 2011. Orsi plays synth, guitar and filters and, for once, he just puts aside the warmth of the melodies and the samplings from the endless Alan Lomax archives, so close to the culture of his homeland. This time, he proposes two obscure and cold tracks, comparable to kosmische musik inspired by Berlin. This cold, early darkness turns into an oneiric remembrance, a daydream… The sounds of these two compositions make the listener’s mind float in space and, mostly on the second side of the record, the music gets warmer, rarefied and ambient, with a seductive hypnotic power. Ltd x 200 copies with 6 photo inserts.

All Fabio Orsi Titles All LP / 12″ Vinyl

FRANCISCO LOPEZ – ‘Amarok’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £11 / £12 / £13
Two years of hard work have been employed using sounds and processed field recordings. It’s a unequalled conceptual soundscape in this artist’s huge discography and it perfectly joins to Glacial Movements aesthetics. After a few seconds from the track beginning we are dip into an arctic trip which lasts more than an hour and in which tangled weavings in a masterly fashion handled by the Spanish artist appear, develop and dissolve. Gusts of arctic wind, the Amarok’s wheezing breath  (Amarok is the name of a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology)  and the sense of loss in the polar night are only some of the sensations that this cryogenic hallucinatory acoustic is able to evoke. Digipak.

All Francisco Lopez Titles

IAIN SINCLAIR – ‘Stone Tape Shuffle’ LP (Test Centre) – £20 / £23.50 / £27
Vinyl-only LP of readings by Hackney-based psychogeographer Iain Sinclair, featuring some of his best poetry and fiction from the 1970s to present – Lud Heat, Suicide Bridge, White Chappell Scarlet Tracings, and Downriver. The album was recorded in situ at East London and City locations featured in the books. Stone Tape Shuffle, which also includes material from Sinclair’s vast archive (including a ‘lost’ tape), as well as numerous field recordings, takes its inspiration from Giorno Poetry Systems, William S. Burroughs and French tradition. The readings mark a return to the ‘punk-vorticism’ of the mid-1970s and to the handwritten and self-published era. The sleeve is handsomely illustrated with a selection of new photos, taken on the day of recording across East London and the City, plus photos from Iain’s collection spanning his career.

All LP / 12″ Vinyl

LOSCIL – ‘Coast / Range / Arc’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £12 / £13 / £14
This Canadian artist perfectly merges glacial and isolationist ambient music. Coast / Range / Arc is centered around the coastal mountains of the Pacific Northwest, studded with glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and epic views. The majestic ranges form a striking mountain landscape. These tracks explore the timelessness of mountainous elevations; oxygen deprived and surrounded by boundless skies. Mountains are hardly static – in fact they are dynamic on a time scale beyond the human experience.  They grow, buckle, twist, erupt and erode at an epic pace. The Coast / Range / Arc is filled with such mountains and valleys, their dynamics nearly imperceptible. They evoke awe and a connection to an imperceptible past. They are constantly changing, yet represent such a seemingly stoic fixture in our relatively short lives. Digipak.
– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
Marek Marchoff (Different State) has been creating experimental and Industrial sounds for 20 years. Without repeating himself, he is still searching, discovering new sounds and taking various initiatives. Together with MJ Caroline, he created his first field recording album. Marchoff treated field recordings as a palette of sounds by means of which he built a sonic horror story placed somewhere in Tilden fortress, where rhythms are composed of footsteps, beats, reverberations of basements, where only in the background life is throbbing and somewhere from the distance the moaning of war sirens can be heard. “Voxfields” is the fifth part of the ongoing IYHHH series. Ltd x 444 hand-numbered copies in an outsized ecopak.
MAURIZIO BIANCHI – ‘Celtichants’ CD (Alone At Last) – £15 / £16 / £17
Lost and found all of a sudden, this album is an exploration made with the chanting voices of an unknown nature. Choral fragments were decomposed and restructured, arranged with the effects and atmospheric shifts, creating the mysterious soundtrack to the otherworldly ceremony. These echoing voices come directly from lost memories or daydreams, nobody can tell you where they are from, where they are calling you. Here are some words of the author, giving you just the hint but not the clear explanation. Limited edition of 500 copies in special packaging – custom made of textured paper with black/silver print, assembled by hand. Comes in 8 different colours (we stock the vanilla/cream edition). Comes with a set of 3 photos of miocenic basalts made by Siegmar Fricke in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria). Highly recommended!

All Maurizio Bianchi Titles

MAURIZIO BIANCHI – ‘Pharmelodies – SIGNED’ CD (Silentes) – £14 / £15 / £16
A colossal and epic post-ambient symphony in three movements, where echoes of string instruments, deep drones of indecipherable origin, layered synthetic waves, slowed-down and distorted dark sonic masses challenge time with a para-immobility in constant turmoil, in an unpredictable, progressive and sometimes cyclic combination of statuesque sonic forms whose physiognomy is often known and familiar, while at the same time elusive, disturbing, arcane and mysterious. Another unmissable chapter in the immense, infinite sound material forged by the greatest and immortal alchemist of Italian non-musical experimental scene. Ltd x 300 hand-numbered copies in an outsize 6-panel sleeve. The first 100 copies contain a page taken from from the book “Cantici Teocratici” and signed by Maurizio Bianchi. ALL COPIES IN STOCK ARE SIGNED!

All Maurizio Bianchi Titles

PBK & ZANSTONES – ‘Mantis Fog Desert’ CD (Monochrome Vision) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
The new collaboration of Phillip Klinger (PBK) and Zan Hoffman (Zanstones) is the experiment in the perfect interaction between noise music, an ambient approach and electronic sounds, with organic and psychedelic output. For both artists, being active in the underground music scene for many years, this album is a very distinct showcase of their endless creative potential. Ltd x 500 copies.

All PBK Titles

SENMUTH – ‘Weird’ CD (Casus Belli Musica) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
Highly prolific one-man Russian act. “Weird” features Egyptian-inspired Ethno-Ambient / dark Industrial music. Nine runes are nine tracks. Senmuth is well-known due to his musical investigations of Ancient Egyptian and Mezo-American civilizations, as well as due to his musical trips into the Far East atmosphere, so “Weird” album is rather unique for Senmuth, because he pays attention to the Nordic esotericism for the first time.  “When your life situation becomes aggravated, you take the path and break new ground hardly in order to dispose of your inner conflict. You begin to have both a rough time and face the force of various circumstances even more… but in the course of it your affairs get more expressed value, and you begin to grow, develop… You go being full of energy, and you are illumed by the Light existing from the beginning of Everything, and this Reason is the Great Secret… Passing the last circle, you widen your consciousness, uniting your opposites… And you remain only with something you have just inscribed on your tabula rasa.”
SEWER GODDESS / MOURNER – ‘In The Cold Of Stabbing Doldrums’ 10″ (Apop Records)
– £12 / £14.50 / £17
Split 10” from Boston’s Sewer Goddess and Nashville’s Mourner. Combining raw, beat-driven power electronics and oppressive, ornamental doom, this slab of vinyl contains three tracks to carry you down the dark, looming path of isolation. Sewer Goddess’ enigmatic approach to both noise & power electronics weaves undulating rhythm, echoing vocal wretch, and vile guitar riffery into a caustic cauldron of depravity. Akin to the likes of Steel Hook Prostheses, Sewer Goddess has risen to the top of contemporary heavy electronics. With crushing power, Mourner’s dynamic volley of squelching feedback, death march percussion, and cavernous wraith vocal attack lends itself to the school of doom forebearers, Burning Witch and Khanate. With atmospheric tension at a snail’s pace, Mourner is able to harness the haunting cacophony of Hell with blackened romanticism. Hopeless, putrid – this is organic depression in its purest form. Silver print on black card sleeve with insert.

All Sewer Goddess TitlesAll Mourner TitlesAll 10″ Vinyl

STORMLOOP – ‘Snowbound’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £13 / £14 / £15
Stormloop is electronic / ambient / visual artist Kev Spence from Leeds, England. “Snowbound” is a collection of tracks that was recorded in late December 2009. Deep snow had fallen that stayed for over two weeks. Composing late into the night, watching the heavy snowfall, was the inspiration for these tracks, and the feeling of being lost in some remote cabin, safe but warm, with good food and drink, staring out at the depths of winter snow that covers the land. These crystalline soundscapes take us from the cold winter nights, then out towards the bleakness of space. “Snowbound” is an authentic full-immersion into the cold, and you can really feel the snowflakes on your skin. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.
STRYDWOLF – ‘Aus Alter Zeit’ CD (SkullLine) – £11 / £12 / £13
13 tracks of powerful, melodramatic and romantic Neofolk / Martial Pop influenced by Forseti, Death In June, Dark Wood and Sonne Hagal. Includes guest appearances from: Falkenstein, Gnomonclast, Argheid, Shattered Hand, Hou en Trou and Zomerpries. 13 tracks. Ltd x 500 numbered copies including an 8-page poetry booklet.

All Strydwolf Titles

THANOS CHRYSAKIS – ‘Magma’ CD (Monochrome Vision) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
“Magma” is a long electro-acoustic piece, recorded in 2011 and presents one of the best compositions by this Greek artist. For this work, he extensively uses electronic devices, acoustic sounds and field recordings. The music on this CD breaks the boundaries between experimental electronics, electro-acoustic, glitch, micro-sound and ambient, as myriads of colliding sounds coalesce and interact in a minimal, abstract sonic dramaturgy. Ltd x 500 copies.
THE HET – ‘You Not Me’ CD (Monochrome Vision) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
A very strong personal work, with each track having its own concept and story of creation. Despite this, the album has a strong sound and a monolithic continuous-direction, which can be felt only after hearing it in full. Thoughtful, emotional, dark and mysterious neoclassical / ambient music with a black palette. After all, there is a law by which the viewer / listener perceives a black stage design as separate from themselves, the viewer, and a white / light as a continuation of it, the viewer’s space. Ltd x 250 copies in a card envelope.
UNDER THE SNOW – ‘The Other Room’ CD (Silentes) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50
Seven ‘rooms’ described through the visual essence of sober and linear photographic black and white images, and through sonorities based on whispered and discrete synthesis, often bordering on silence, violated by occasional harshness, chimes of plucked strings, hissings, cracklings, electrical tensions, gurgles and digital creaks. An intimate and introspective path, through long and deserted corridors, entering spacious and bright rooms surrounded by white large walls, walking on reflective polished floors, cold and aseptic just like the sounds that Gianluca Favaron and Stefano Gentile chose to fill with vibrations of their spaces and architectural forms. Ltd x 300 hand-numbered copies in an outsize 6-panel sleeve, including a unique slide with each copy.

All Under The Snow Titles

VITER / KINGS & BEGGARS – ‘Diva Ruzha’ MCD (Casus Belli Musica) – £10 / £11 / £12
All songs on this release have traditional roots and are performed in four languages – Ukrainian, Swedish, Latvian and old French. This album is quite experimental in many ways. The main conceptual point of the current work was an attempt to integrate such things as Carpathian folklore with a Swedish native song, to perform European traditional music by means of medieval instruments with appropriate arrangement; and lastly to present an unexpected sounding of all these compositions. No keyboards or samples were used in the recording process – but an amazing 35 traditional and medieval instruments were used, as well as unique handmade instruments. Digipak with booklet.

All Viter Titles

ZENIAL – ‘Connection Reset By Peer’ CD (Zoharum) – £11 / £12 / £13
Zenial’s first album in 6 years shows his creativity in the context of live activity. It does not mean that ‘Connection Reset By Peer’ is a live album as such. Yes, the source material for the record was recorded live during sonic experiments and creating sound installations over the past few years. The album is not a compilation though… it’s a well-weighed entity, thematically and sonically coherent. ‘Connection Reset By Peer’ is a result of interferences of environmental sounds based to a large extent on electricity, radio feedback, electromagnetic field sounds emitted by current generators and elements of the so-called field recordings. 6-panel digipak.

All Zenial Titles

AQUA DORSA – ‘Cloudlands’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £11 / £12 / £13

Aqua Dorsa is a new Italian ambient project formed by Enrico Coniglio and Oöphoi. Their first work “Cloudlands” is a perfect mix of glitch, classical and orchestral glacial ambient soundscapes. Enrico Coniglio is a guitar player and composer, with releases on Touch, Crónica and Psychonavigation Records. Gianluigi Gasparetti (Oöphoi) started his own music experiments in 1995, trying to explore the shores of deep space-ambient. Oöphoi uses traditional instruments, synths and sampling machines, recording only using analogue only devices. Digipak.

LULL – ‘Like A Slow River’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £11 / £12 / £13

After a long period of silence, we welcome the return of one of the most important representatives of the ambient isolationist world: the wonderful UK artist Lull (aka Mick Harris of Scorn, Painkiller, Napalm Death). “Like a slow river” is a work characterised by sharp and minimal atmospheres but also dark, cold and huge such as large bodies of ice which slowly move, carried by an endless river. These five compositions reach the high expectations of Lull’s previous works, such as “Cold Summer”, “Continue” and the “Murder Ballads” trilogy with Martin Bates. With no doubt, this is the coldest and darkest work ever composed by this pioneer of industrial-ambient music. You will all be led to the oblivion of your existence….the freezing darkness of these glacial night is going to come down on your bodies and minds… you’ll fall in your deepest sleep with the far echo of glacial runnings… the way to eternity is in front of you. Presented in a gorgeous 6-panel digipak. Highly recommended!!

MARIBOR – ‘De Immenso’ CD (Silentes) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Based on a concept by Stefano Gentile, this CD is inspired by the works and life of Giordano Bruno. In addition to Stefano Gentile himself, this new work includes contributions by Maurizio Bianchi / M.B., Mauthausen Orchestra / Pierpaolo Zoppo, Nimh / Giuseppe Verticchio, Andrea Marutti and Gianluca Favaron. Almost 80 minutes of driving and all-involving music where bleak and dark atmospheres alternate with consuming assaults of Industrial distorted sonic masses, cinematic and descriptive passages enriched by detailed layers of field recordings, throbbing electronic progressions, melodic inserts, strings parts, guitar arpeggios, soft, slow and hypnotic ambient stasis. A work that gathers together some of the most representative artists both of the historical and of the more recent groundbreaking experimental and industrial Italian scene. Outsize sleeve.

OÖPHOI – ‘An Aerial View’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £11 / £12 / £13

First offering from the ‘Würm Series’, based on the world’s most recent glaciation (10,000 years ago) and asking each artist to describe this endless Ice Age. “When I’ve been asked to describe the Ice Age with an uninterrupted drone, I knew I wanted to avoid the cliches of the genre: dark rumblings, massive low frequencies, cold atmospheres. I had to describe with sounds the white landscape, the blinding light reflected by the frozen oceans, the abyssal silence. I have imagined myself in flight over this Sleeping Earth, a solitary winged-being surrounded by winds, air, water and ice. This led me to compose an airy drone with minimal variations and delicate tones, an hommage to a pure, uncontaminated and remote land” (Oöphoi). A singular 65-minute track presented in a digipak. Ltd x 750.

SANTA AGOSTINO – ‘La Morte Marcia Sui Terreni K’ CD (Inner Gravity)
– £8 / £9 / £10

Italian trio Santa Agostino have been around since 2005. “La Morte…” tells of noises from beyond the grave, playing the journey of no return from the death phase – and the return of those who are reborn more rotten and foul than before. A is a mix of noise drone and glitch, in the typical vein of Raster Noton and Mego, with moments of musique concrete. “Threshold field recording… minimalist, futurist sound architecture”.

SKARE – ‘Solstice City’ CD (Glacial Movements) – £11 / £12 / £13

Skare is the collaboration of Swedish droners Mathias Josefson (Moljebka Pvlse), Per Åhlund (Diskrepant) and Fredrik Olofsson. The members of Skare are all fascinated by the circulation of water, snow and ice. The metamorphosis from gas to floating liquid to snow to solid ice through freezing, the light reflecting from the snow and filtered through the ice as a prisma and – most of all – the sound of this ever ongoing circle. “Solstice City” is an interpretation of a journey through a shifting landscape where the city meets nature. The vehicles used by Skare on this journey are field recordings, found sounds and treated and manipulated instruments. Digipak.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – ‘Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 2’ CD (Dark Ambient Radio)
– £11 / £12 / £13

This compilation is the result of almost one year of careful design and polishing of cutting-edge dark ambient songs. Dark Ambient Radio managed to raise the bar with this superb collection of dark ambient music. As with Vol. 1, each of the 11 tracks here has been created exclusively for this release. Features: Arkhitektur, Aspectee, Crepuscular, False Mirror, Inner Vision Laboratory, Nagual Art, Phelios, Phobos, Therradaemon, Tholen and Troum.

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We’re in Northamptonshire on the main railway line between London Euston (just over 1 hour) and Birmingham (around 45mins).
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Over n` out!!


www.coldspring.co.uk | info@coldspring.co.uk | Tel: +44 (0) 1327 842291

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