Cold Spring Bi-Weekly Newsletter – 25th November 2010

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It was with tremendous sadness that we learned Peter Christopherson died in his sleep at his home last night. Our sympathies go out to his loved ones. He leaves behind a truely incredible legacy which will influence generations of outsider artists for years to come.
R.I.P. Sleazy – 1955-2010.

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VA – ‘We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold‘ 2CD (CSR100CD)
Machinefabriek – ‘Vloed‘ CD (CSR138CD)
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• 26 Nov 10, Dundee Mountain Film Festival, Dundee (UK)
• 11 Mar 11, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Sheffield (UK)
• 26 Mar 11, Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, Llanberis (UK)
and more TBC

STEVEN SEVERIN‘s “Blood Of A Poet” UK tour is near an end! You can still catch him at the following Picturehouse Cinemas:
NOVEMBER: 28th Dundee DCA.
DECEMBER: 3rd London Tate Britain

MZ. 412 | Vault 5 x CD Boxset (CSR142B) £80 / £90 / £100

Shipping: December
Ultra collector’s boxset containing all 5 albums in the MZ. 412 reissue series: “In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi”, “Burning The Temple Of God”, “Nordik Battle Signs”, “Domine Rex Inferum” and “Infernal Affairs”. The inventors of “Black Industrial” blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. True Swedish Black Industrial! 5 x digipak albums, along with exclusive 5″ VINYL WITH EXCLUSIVE TRACKS, pin-badge, tie, artcards and other surprises! Housed in a black wooden boxset with silver print. Ltd x 300 only!!!


V/A | We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold 2CD (CSR100CD) £12 / £13 / £14

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The follow-up to our award winning Folk compilation “John Barleycorn Reborn” from 2007. 34 tracks and 146 minutes of music from the best of current British Folk artists: Autumn Grieve, Barron Brady, Beneath The Oak, Cerunnos Rising, Corncrow, Demdyke, Dragon Spirit, Drohne, Emil Brynge, Ian McKone, Jennifer Crook, John Parker, Kate Harrison, Kim Thompsett, Laienda, Magicfolk, Mama, Philip Butler & Natasha Tranter, Rattlebag, Relig Oran, Richard Masters, Ruby Throat, Sedayne : Sundog, Sproatly Smith, Telling The Bees, The Fates, The Hare And The Moon, The Kittiwakes The Rowen Amber Mill, Tinkerscuss, Tony Wakeford, Touch The Earth, Venereum Arvum and Wyrdstone.

MP3 | MP3 | MP3


MZ. 412 | Burning The Temple Of God CD (CSR140CD) £9 / £10 / £11

Shipping: 29th November
The ultimate statement in Swedish Black Industrial, summoning forth the act’s controversial black metal side and recalling the Norwegian church burnings of the early 90s. Nightmare inducing ritual old school industrial, alongside raw black metal, this album has been hailed as one of the greatest albums in the genre by noise and black metal fans alike! It could actually be considered the first real crossover album between the genres. Remastered and extended version of the 1996 album with bonus tracks and alternate takes culled from the original masters. Housed in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing.

MP3 | MP3 | MP3


MACHINEFABRIEK | Vloed CD (CSR138CD) £9 / £10 / £11

Shipping: Now
‘Vloed’ is a collection of live performances, recorded between 2006 and 2008 in Amsterdam and Den Haag. “All performances find Machinefabriek in fine form, offering up thick billows of warm guitar shimmer, fluttery staticky ambience, and at one point some heavy super distorted metallic guitar… a mighty drone, thick and throbbing and super intense. There are long stretches of near silence and super minimal high end drone, slow building crescendos, squalls of distorted choral buzz, warm metallic reverberations, shimmery and dense black dronemusik…” (Aquarius). Beautifully remastered with a 20-minute bonus track, ‘Vloed’ captures the immersive live experience of a Machinefabriek concert. Presented in a stunning matt digipak with modified artwork.

MP3 | MP3


MZ. 412 | In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi CD (CSR136CD) £11 / £12 / £13
Shipping: Now
The darkest sides of Satanism, death and ritual sacrifice. An enduring, blasphemous statement of True Swedish Black Industrial. Remastered version with two previously unreleased tracks. Matt digipak with spot varnishing.

STEVEN SEVERIN | Blood Of A Poet CD (CSR135CD) £11 / £12 / £13
Shipping: Now
Solo artist and founding member of Siouxsie and the Banshees. This album is Severin’s entire soundtrack to Jean Cocteau’s 1930 surrealist classic. Gatefold digisleeve.

MERZBOW & Z’EV | Spiral Right / Spiral Left CD (CSR133CD) £11 / £12 / £13

Shipping: Now
Stunning collaborative release from Japanese Noise king Merzbow and legendary elemental sound artist Z’EV.
Dark Ambient Noise in a special textured card digisleeve.



– ‘Themes’ 7CD Boxset (CSR123B)
EMME YA – ‘Atavistic Dreams And Phallic Totems’ CD (CSR127CD)
ANNI HOGAN – ‘Mountain’ CD (CSR132CD)
MZ. 412 – ‘Nordik Battle Signs’ CD


• 26 Nov 10, Dundee Mountain Film Festival, Dundee (UK)
• 11 Mar 11, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Sheffield (UK)
• 26 Mar 11, Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, Llanberis (UK)

• 28 Nov – 3 Dec 10, “Le Sang D’Un Poete” UK Tour, Various Picturehouse Cinemas (UK)

• 30 Nov 10, Rammel Club, Nottingham (UK)
with Family Battle Snake, Alienist
• 2 Dec 10, Confession 2, The Grosvenor, London (UK) – with Bizarre Uproar, MK9 and more!

• 15 Dec 10, The Garage, London (UK)
• 16 Dec 10, Grand Classic, Glasgow (UK)
[ View Full Laibach Tour >> ]

• 5 Feb 11, Theatrefabrik, Leipzig (DE)


• 5 Mar 11, The Garage, London (UK). Tickets and full info soon!

• 30 Apr 10, VIII Congresso Post Industriale, Venezia (IT)


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All My Faith Lost

Circus Joy

Ignis Vrbis Mithrae
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AREA BOMBARDMENT – ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ CD (Lichterklang) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

In Hoc Signo Vinces is mainly a Martial album but contains also Dark Ambient and Neoclassical styles and could be compared to Arditi and Blood Axis. The tracks on the album deal with such themes as Irish and European history, philosophy, war, nature, culture and disaffection from the modern world. It’s atmosphere is dark yet positive, igniting the flame of determination and unwillingness to succumb to the values of the modern world, harking back to the ancient values of honour and loyalty. The final mastering was made by Axel Frank (Werkraum) while the artwork was created by Haate Kaate (Allerseelen, Svarrogh).

ARKHONIA – ‘Trails / Traces’ CD (White Box) – £11 / £12 / £13

Arkhonia’s “Trails/Traces” fulfils the much promised, but seldom delivered, remit of large portions of ambient music – “to take the listener on a journey”. From the deep rumblings of the album’s opener to the final decaying notes and crackles of its closing track, all manner of mood-shifting experimentation directs (and occasionally derails) the listener along a sonic path that is at times unnerving and, at others, warmly welcoming. Each piece leads neatly into the next and one would not suspect that this album was assembled from material produced over the span of the last decade – the production values on display in the oldest pieces are qualitatively indistinguishable from the most recent and all are invested with a luscious, finely honed depth of texture. Slow-burning drone constructions for fans of Andrew Chalk, Thomas Köner, Machinefabriek and Alva Noto.

AUBE – ‘Deglaze’ LP (Old Europa Cafe) – £13 / £16 / £19

Second edition of this great conceptual work from Japanese artist Akifumi Nakajima. Dense soundscapes using only glass as a sound source to create hypnotic, ambient loops. Great Industrial sound sculptures in the best Aube tradition! Ltd x 470 copies on black vinyl with nice silver on black artwork by Akifumi.

All Aube TitlesAll LP / 12″ Vinyl

BABYLONE CHAOS – ‘Flying Bodies Under The Clouds’ CD (OPN)

– £11 / £12 / £13

Brand new release mixing dark soundscapes, concrete sounds and weird voices!!! A really amazing new piece of music from this French one-man project (Botchan Karisen). Babylone Chaos has long been an avid proponent of chaotic, oppressing climates and deals in suffocation and saturation. Artwork by MineUchi, with images by Yoshihiro Oimatsu. Mastering by Ruelgo (Le Syndicat). Ltd x 500 copies ina 6-panel digipak.

CIRCULAR – ‘Cycles Of Remembrance’ CD (Loki Foundation) – £11 / £12 / £13

With this work Johannes Riedel makes another step further by creating something with a resounding sense of emotion and wistful melancholia. His classical education in music allowed him to generate an artificial and ambient soundtrack with well composed songlike structures. There is a truly organic, analogue-based core sound with cyclical waves of thick synth drones and modulated bass guitars, while slowly oscillating effects and pulsing beats drift through the mix. “Cycles Of Remembrance” is an album full of harmonic landscapes, always enveloping and with meditative qualities. Comes in a 6-panel outsize digisleeve.

All Circular Titles

ELIWAGAR – ‘Fjellfolk Saga Fra Forntiden’ CD (Morningside Records) – £11 / £12 / £13

Eliwagar’s second release “Fjellfolk Saga Fra Forntiden” (“the legend of the mountain-folk from the past time”) tells about a legend written by Runahild herself years ago, but songs are also full of metaphors. The music is more rustic pagan folk, taking the listener away into a wooden cabin at the heart of nature, while a snow storm is raging outside, or while a sweet sun raises at the dawn of a spring. Eliwagar’s music is meant to give a positive feeling, reminding of a good feast between family and folk or a calm moment near a fire on an enjoyable evening. “Darkness appeals darkness, and despair appeals despair”. After every fight, there is a feast! After every storm, the sun rises again! Even the blaze of a candle can brighten all darkness. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.

EX.ORDER – ‘Shuchu Ryoku’ CD (Power & Steel / Loki Foundation) – £11 / £12 / £13

Ex.Order present ten new tracks of unrelenting Noise Electronics, covering numerous areas of violence, disillusionment and abstraction. Shuchu Ryoku means ‘focused power’ and the wall of sound here is underlayed by hypnotic ambient-noise layers, a well known trade mark of Ex.Order. A throbbing audio force built up by massive analogue soundwaves, heavily driven mechanical percussion, sample-collages and vocals. This is another complex and explosive industrial tapestry of sound, performed with control and brutality. Ex.Order is Inade’s PE alter-ego. Comes in a 6-panel outsize digisleeve.

All Ex.Order Titles

FOLKSTORM – ‘Archive Series 5 – The Culturecide Campaigns’ CD (Old Europa Cafe)
– £11 / £12 / £13

The Culturecide Campaigns was released in 2000, only available for one month through, during which time only 39 copies were sold. After 10 years, these recordings have now finally been restored, redesigned and remastered and features two bonus tracks. This album was recorded back to back with “Victory or death” and carries the same menacing feeling, but with a bit more structure and emphasis on pounding rhythmic industrial noise. If you want rough old-school industrial this is what you need! The campaign continues.

All Folkstorm Titles

GOVERNMENT ALPHA – ‘Seventh Continent’ CD (Dotsmark) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

The last CD of the 00’s by Japanese Noise hero Yasutoshi Yoshida. “Ah, the sweet rush of harsh noise… Seventh Continent, which throbs and contorts wildly over its seven hefty tracks, is an exceptional behemoth of a noise record. It packs the punch of a luminous supernova, making for a pulverizing release of impulsive yet calculated abrasion. Over tracks like Yoshida never remains supine – this noise isn’t even momentarily left to drone or slowly build; its layers are constantly being dropped in and ripped out from underneath, earning the press materials’ categorization as “extreme harsh noise.” There are no breaks, no time for thought; the chaos rips and whirls seamlessly until the last breath of its gasping finale, “Vague Parting,” which wraps up the record with a tormented ten minutes of baneful mayhem” (Indieville). Square DVD case.

All Government Alpha Titles

HOBOUDA – ‘Wskrzeszenie’ CD (PFM) – £11 / £12 / £13

“Wskrzeszenie” (“Resurrection”) is about the forgotten in the turbulent history of the past century. One of a kind, unique, magical, intriguing, 18th and 19th century folk songs and contemporary folk songs of Warmia (North-East Poland), sung in the dialect of the language of the now dead. This artist produces cultural music, combining elements of traditional folk, progressive folk-rock and contemporary music of Warmia, with the highest level of composition and execution. The ‘Hoboud’ is a devilish creature which frequently appears in tales around the Warmia district and is comparable to the Austrian Perchten, golems, kobols and gnomes. File next to Moon Far Away. Presented in a luxurious 6-panel digipak with impressive booklet, containing all lyrics in English and Polish.

IOSOPHIS – ‘N’ CD (Totsoluna Disc) – £11 / £12 / £13

Iosophis is the tales of the forest. Iosophis is the power of the stone. Iosophis is the song of men to the glory of the Woman. Naharda Ior (druid) and Victor Yann (bard) make the sound of Iosophis; minimal like a ritual without age that builds up every act of Life on Earth. Iosophis is real folk music for those who don’t forget where they come from. 12 tracks. Digipak.

K11 – ‘The Sacred Wood’ CD (Old Europa Cafe) – £11 / £12 / £13

K11 is Pietro Riparbelli. The sound sources for this album were recorded at the enchanting park of Monsters of Bomarzo. The park of Monsters of Bomarzo was devised by the architect Pirro Ligorio (he completed the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Rome after the death of Michelangelo and built Villa d’Este in Tivoli) on commission of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, called Vicino, only to vent the heart broken at the death of is wife Giulia Farnese. The park was created in 1552 as “Villa of Wonders” to be the only one of it’s kind in the world. Incredible but true, the Park of Monsters remained in complete oblivion till 1954 and only few people was aware about all the fantastic treasures contained within the park for over 400 years! K11 recorded the soul of this park of Monsters and Wonders and after re-working the sounds he delivers us a trip between reality and dream. Psychadelic, ritual ambient music from an other space, from an other era, from an other land.

All K11 Titles

MACHINEFABRIEK – ‘Duotoon’ 3″ Metallised CD (None) – £8 / £9 / £10

A most refreshing, back-to-basics composition from Rutger Zuydervelt. ‘Duotoon’ is said to be inspired by the works of Alvin Lucier and Steinbruchel – an intriguing pairing of influences, but you can certainly hear their respective fingerprints all over this fine concoction. As Zuydervelt himself is keen to point out, there are “no dusty vinyl crackles, textural field recordings or grainy guitars here… just pure tones.” A statement like that is itself music to the ears, implicitly acknowledging and shunning elements that are increasingly becoming platitudinous mainstays of the ambient / microsound genre. ‘Duotoon’ is all about nuanced harmonic interplay and layered micro-intervals, drawing the ear toward clever phasing effects and infinitesimal melodic development. On the surface it’s all very simple, but it’s within this economical, back-to-basics construction that the piece’s great strength resides. Beautifully presented on a 3″ metallised CD in a card sleeve.

All Machinefabriek Titles

MACHINEFABRIEK – ‘Loops For Voerman’ 3″ Metallised CD (None) – £8 / £9 / £10

With this remarkable MCD containing the most intensely affecting Machinefabriek recording since last year’s career-defining ‘Dauw’. ‘Loops For Voerman’ was recorded as part of an art installation/sculpture by Rob Voerman but doesn’t rely on any visual association for its unique, almost harrowing quality. Bowed strings take on a metallic, razor-like identity, with vocal shards and found sounds arranging themselves throughout the looped cycle of the track, each time re-positioning themselves with an almost imperceptible shift of emphasis. Originally performed on a three-way speaker system, one can only imagine the impact on the listener with all that extra movement of sound, intensifying an already overpowering aural experience and delivering one of the most valuable artefacts yet in the already mightily impressive Machinefabriek canon. Very highly recommended. Second edition, beautifully presented on a 3″ metallised CD in a gold printed card sleeve and including a free bonus download (Live For Voerman).

All Machinefabriek Titles

MACHINEFABRIEK – ‘Weleer’ 2 x CD (Lampse) – £13.50 / £14.50 / £15.50

“This is a collection of recordings culled from 3″ CD releases from Dutch musician Rutger Zuydervelt, yet arranged and sequenced in a way that makes it a perfectly flowing listening experience. The warm ambience definitely harks back to some ground level krautworks, but almost every instrument blurs into placid soundscapes that are constantly shifting and evolving, electronic crackles rise out of dark lakes of guitar drone; the sounds are very intimate, immediate, not overwhelmingly dark but definitely indicating Zuydervelt’s past as a guitarist in a doom band. With both live instruments and assorted programming, the sheer human emotion injected into a machinated music form is stunning, and the variety of places these tracks go to are timed perfectly to hold the listeners’ attention and reveal a seemingly limitless bank of ideas that I can’t recall being utilised since the golden days of Seefeel’s Polyfusia record. Very grand” (WMFU).

All Machinefabriek Titles

– ‘S.F.A.G. / S.F.A.G. De-Composed’ 2 x CD (Old Europa Cafe) – £16 / £17 / £18

Reissue of the 1983 cassette on the legendary Broken Flag label. “The modulatory shaking of S.F.A.G is the oxygenating prelude to the irradiating bionic music later developed through works such as “Endometrio” and “Carcinosi” and represents a milestone in my pre-apocalyptic production which later will culminate into the horrid of “Armaghedon”. The exegesis of this work reflects a strong attachment to smooth and round effects of the roughness of the frantic early days, but with a constant preference for the symbiosis between well preordered sound masses and not well defined radio broadcasts, like nebulae drifting in a space in trembling condensation.” Digitally remastered by Peter Andersson (Raison D’être). The Original album is accompanied by a second CD with 3 de-compositions using extracts of the original S.F.A.G. recordings done by 3 well known Nordic industrial artists: Peter Andersson (Raison D’Être), Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412) and Erik Jarl (IRM). Gatefold mini LP sleeve with vinyl-look CDs.

All Maurizio Bianchi TitlesAll Peter Andersson Titles
All Henrik Nordvargr Björkk TitlesAll Erik Jarl Titles

N /5/ – ‘Bergen Skizzen & Notizen’ LP (Consouling Sounds) – £13 / £16 / £19

On this LP Hellmut Neidhardt (Multer) works together with Mirko Uhlig, Segment and Fear Falls Burning. Ranging from calm and silent atmospheres to pulsating rhythms and dark, up-building soundscapes, finally closing with deep, warm space. The only source used is the original material of the ‘Bergen’ 2LP, except the additional guitar work of Dirk Serries / FFB. Limited to 220 copies on 180 gram vinyl in a heavy cardboard sleeve with full-colour print.

All LP / 12″ Vinyl

NOCTURNE – ‘Working Ecstasy’ 2 x CD (Old Europa Cafe) – £16 / £17 / £18

The fourth release by Nocturne on OEC. Two albums full of analogue sounds, droning noises, rumours as building collapsing while bombing, sensations like driving in a endless tunnel, far alarms, electricity, S/M & B/T/K feelings, cold and freezing voids mutating into hot layers of concrete, far sampled voices… and much more… A very homogeneous work in perfect Nocturne style. Comes in a textured foldout poster sleeve.

All Nocturne Titles

OLDROS – ‘Domotic Alert (The I/O Ambulance)’ MCD (Nihil Art) – £6 / £7 / £8

Stunning Industrial noise from the Apennine Peninsula, Italy. Everything seems to be commonplace… but leaves an indelible mark. This EP immerses you into something beautiful and instantly grows on you, leaving only a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. You can talk, but it’s better to listen. Ltd x 500 copies. Russian import.

ORCHIS – ‘Trait’ CD (Brudenia / Cryptanthus) – £12 / £13 / £14

Rebirth: the end of the beginning. An alchemical allegory. This is a summary of the early career of this English dark folk / Neofolk act. It includes unreleased and compilation tracks, taken from “Terra Serpentes”, “the Dancing Sun”, “A Thousand Winters”, “Mandragora”, “Gloria Melancholia” and “The Dark Ages”. Also includes a biography in English and Russian. Ltd x 1000 hand-numbered copies with gold-printed artwork.

All Orchis Titles

ORDO FUNEBRIS – ‘Cantar A La Morte: Fabula Triste’ CD (Morningside Records)
– £11 / £12 / £13

Reissue of this fantastic 2002 debut release from Spanish Neoclassical / Ethereal / Medieval legends Ordo Funebris. A powerful blend of dreamy, medieval ambience with occasional percussive, symphonic moments, and featuring subtle Celtic influences throughout. Lady Nott and Sathorys Elenorth are now known as Der Blaue Reiter and Narsilion, whilst Lady Morte is the founder of Trobar De Morte. Presented in a stunning 6-panel digipak with sticker.

PETER ANDERSSON – ‘Music For Film And Exhibition II’ CD (Old Europa Cafe)
– £11 / £12 / £13

‘Music for Film and Exhibition II’ is the sequel of ‘Music for Film and Exhibition’ (Yantra Atmospheres, 2007). While the previous output contains collected works from different exhibition projects and movies spanning from 1999-2005, this sequel is focused on one single project; an exhibition. Peter Andersson (Raison D’Etre, Atomine Elektrinc, Necrophorus) recently worked as a media producer at the Swedish Air Force Museum and has been involved with their new large permanent exhibiton about the Cold War. Within this project Peter has worked with sound design and movie production in particular. The sonic results are presented here. Some of the tracks are used as soundtrack for exhibition movies while the main part are sonic atmospheres and soundscapes to create the ambience of the exhibition rooms. The music is presented here as stand alone productions, displaced from its original context. To fully experience the music in its environmental Raison d’être, travel to the Swedish Air Force Museum… until then, you may enjoy the music on its own. Six panel digipak covered with beautiful Sunset painting by Italian artist Christian Montagna/FLOODSart.

All Peter Andersson Titles

RAISON D’ÊTRE – ‘Live Archive’ 3 x CD (Infinite Fog Productions) – £26 / £28 / £30

Since the early 90s Peter Andersson has written albums that remain in our memory as masterpieces and that have defined and formed the term ‘dark ambient’ in its form, as we know it today! This incredible release, captures only the best quality live performances from Raison d’Être, all available now for the first time on CD and all tracks and recordings carefully selected by Peter Andersson himself. “Live Archive” offers over three hours of the deepest dark ambient sounds with well-known tracks from the project’s official studio albums in most interesting, very different live-versions and some exclusive compositions, never heard or released before! All this makes this beautiful set a monumental edition and absolutely irresistible for all Raison d’Être addicts and beyond! Ltd x 499 copies in a magnificent 6-panel digipak. Russian import. ACT FAST!!

All Raison D’Etre Titles

SLEPAYA ELAN – ‘Neizezhnost’ CD (Nihil Art) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Slepaya Elan (Blind Elan – marsh covered with grass) is a Russian project from the Moscow region, uniting influenced of Drone, Industrial and Dark Ambient. The concept and sense of the album is seclusion, solitude, contemplation of nature, almost untouched or changed by civilisation, cognition of surroundings and your own inner world. Sounds of a lively highway, the noise of a forest, chaotic thunder of railways and the rustle of rain withdraw into pouring, smoothly flowing drone. Abrasive noise gradually comes into clear deep melodies. Ltd x 500 copies.

SLOATH – ‘Sloath’ LP (Riot Season) – £14 / £17 / £20

Sloath are a sickly, unwholesome five piece from the south coast of England, brought together by a mutual desire to play the slowest, loudest and heaviest music possible using guitars, bass, drums and chant-like vocalisations. This debut of loud, slow and heavy music was set down at Brighton Electric Studios. The band has sharing stages with the likes of Acid Mothers Temple, Burial Hex, Om and White Mice, either delighting or tormenting unwary audiences with their obnoxious yet soothing psychedelic performances that has rightly earned them a fearsome reputation as a live entity. For fans of doom and sludge, heavy riffage and deep vibrations. Ltd x 500 copies on black vinyl.

All LP / 12″ Vinyl

SYNDROMES – ‘Temporary Perspectives’ CD (Organized Music From Thessaloniki)
– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Four studies on human perception, focusing on the experience of self, space, surroundings. All sounds captured or generated by Greek artist Kostis Kilymis using field recordings, sine waves, electric guitar, mics and other ‘instruments’. With corroding sounds and well-crafted electro-acoustics, ‘Temporary Perspectives’ offers an attractive suit of wandering, filtered through the microphone, like to many acoustic experiments, revealing a strong poetic sensibility. An enchanting world via musique concrète. Ltd x 300 copies in a gatefold digifile.

THE BEAUTIFUL SCHIZOPHONIC – ‘Erotikon’ CD (Crónica) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Jorge Mantas’ brand new selection of micro-drones and digitised textural ambience. The music is full of mystery and wistfulness. In its early stages the album delivers piano tones glistening brightly through the filtered static on ‘Aysha’ and entangled signals stewing in the watery tonalities of ‘Blumarine’. On ‘Alba’ (with piano by Yui Onodera), Mantas incorporates an excerpt from the 1860 recording of ‘Au Clair De Lune’, thought to be the very first audio document of a human voice. Uncannily, the ruptured, hauntingly broken sound of the recording chimes with the ethereal qualities running through Mantas’ music. 6-panel digisleeve.

YARN – ‘Eraltet Gott’ CD (Nihil Art) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Yarn is a Russian ambient / raw black metal formation from The Middle Ural. The concept of project is based on the principals of primitivism in art. With the help of minimalism it’s possible to open wishful ideas, starting with the composition and finishing by primitivism of sound, going almost into avant-garde. The ideology of the project focuses on the nihilistic notes of genesis, concentrating on estrangement, inner tragedy of overcoming of imposing truths, cold and senselessness to the herd phenomenon. Seclusion with the bosom of the initial world of inviolate nature, overcoming of spiritual “perfect” ideas of society, relying on the savagery of the universe. This debut album presents a conceptual child in the spirit of industrial dark / psycho ambient. Ltd x 500 copies.

– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

“It’s been a while since we last heard of Jorge Mantas, also known as The Beautiful Schizophonic, who plays ‘sentimental laptop, paper, metal, glass, pink balloons and melancholic field recordings’ and is one of the few to play bittersweet microsound music, which he does quite nicely. Here he teams up with Yui Onodera (laptop, environmental sound, electronics, piano, guitar, voice and found objects). That’s seems an awful lot of instruments and sound generators for what we hear in the five tracks they recorded no doubt through e-mail. But I guess it takes the best of both. The minimal approach of Onodera is present here of course, but soft melancholy is brought in by Mantas, and leads to a highly refined album of minimal ambient music… a great combination electronics, field recordings and real instruments” (Vital Weekly). Ltd x 500 copies.

All Yui Onodera Titles

– ‘Pink Lady Lemonade – You’re From Outer Space’ CD (Riot Season)
– £11 / £12 / £13

The first AMT studio recordings since the addition of Pikachu, drummer and vocalist with Osaka grenade-girl duo Afrirampo. The popular AMT standard “Pink Lady Lemonade” showcases a 21st century acid rock update on the 60s San Francisco psychedelic sound. The Cosmic Inferno crew give PLL a new lease of life and reinvent it as a trippy / chilled out monster. As it rolls on, they sing – adding new riffs and taking it to the stars and back. This really could be AMT’s first ‘summer album’. Unlike previous Cosmic Inferno albums – this one is more out there. But when it does finally soar, Kawabata’s guitar has never sounded so alive. “Pink Lady Lemonade, You’re from space, You’re sooooo sweeeeeeeeet!”

– ‘Acid Motherly Love’ CD (Riot Season) – £11 / £12 / £13

Now firmly fixed to a solid 4 piece (Tsuyama Atsushi, Higashi Hiroshi, Shimura Koji and Kawabata Makoto) with added guest vocalists, AMT return for yet another out-there ride through their weird and psychedelic world. Guitars howl, riffs grow bigger with each minute and brains get fried along the way. Recorded under falling ash and burning roof tiles, ‘Acid Motherly Love’ features every dimension of their legendary underground sound – from wild riff heavy jams, to quieter acoustic passages and spoken monologues, all capped by the trance inducing 15 minute-plus epic ‘Santa Sanrodriguez’. Artwork features the obligatory naked Japanese babes in all their finery. God Bless AMT!

– ‘Myth Of Love Electrique’ CD (Riot Season) – £11 / £12 / £13

Musically sitting somewhere between their eponymous 1997 album and the classic ‘out-there’ double album ‘Absolutely Freak Out (Zap Your Mind!!!)’, ‘Myth Of The Love Electrique’ explores the many shades of the AMT sound, managing to be both wild and beautiful at the same time. ‘Myth Of The Love Electrique’ fully explores the whole AMT sound for the first time in years. Live favourite ‘Pink Lady Lemonade (May I Drink You Once Again?)’, is included here on an AMT album for the first time in its normal length, complete with added space whispers from new AMT girl Kitagawa Hao, who fills the now departed Cotton Casino’s tiny shoes elegantly.

ANDREW KING – ‘The Harbinger Of The Decaying Mind’ 10″ (Old Europa Cafe)
– £12 / £14 / £16

Andrew King’s personal selection of those live recordings and un-issued tracks that he considers worth preserving from the years following the celebrated album “The Amfortas Wound”. This 10″ brings together six recordings from four very different occasions. Side one consists of 3 recordings in preparation for King’s performance at Hinoeuma in 2001. Side two contains collaborative pieces with noted experimental artist Andrew Liles (Nurse With Wound) and two live pieces. For the majority of these recordings, King was joined by John Murphy (Death In June, KnifeLadder), Andrew Trail (KnifeLadder) and Hunter Barr (KnifeLadder). Ltd x 500 copies only on “traditional” heavy black vinyl.

BLACK BONED ANGEL – ‘Verdun’ CD (Riot Season) – £12 / £13 / £14

New Zealand’s Black Boned Angel return with their fourth full length release. Sharing a similarly bleak ground to Corrupted, Sunn 0))) and Earth, this is perhaps their most sombre and fully-realised work to date. The Battle of Verdun was fought between the German and French armies, and was one of the critical battles on the Western Front during World War I. It resulted in more than a quarter of a million battlefield deaths and at least half a million wounded. Verdun was the longest battle and one of the most devastating in World War I and indeed in history. Over the course of 50 minutes, BBA soundtrack that brutal conflict with their trademark dark ambient drones and doom-laden riffs. Comes with exclusive bonus CD track. Ltd x 1000 copies in a gatefold digisleeve.

BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS – ‘Chemism‘ CD (Old Europa Cafe)
– £11 / £12 / £13

Dedicated to William S. Burroughs on the 10th anniversary since his death, “Chemism” is largely inspired by William S. Burroughs’ 1969 novel “The Wild Boys”. With 14 tracks of tribal electronica, “Chemism” stands as the most rhythmic output to date coming from Massimo & Pierce and their fellow Children of the Black Sun. The mutating precision of Pierce’s electronics is here counterpointed by Massimo’s sonorous, deep vocals. Some tracks were written and performed in collaboration with draZen and Bahntier. “Chemism” also features Val Denham, Ariot Fleischmann, Roman Hollenstein and Roberto Budelo. 6-panel digipak.

FOLKSTORM – ‘Folkmusik’ CD (Old Europa Cafe) – £11 / £12 / £13

“Folkmusik” is a classic Folkstorm album with its roots firmly placed in the old-school industrial style, but there is a suffocating quality to it that is new. While a lot of the tracks are rhythmic, harsh and ugly compositions as you would expect, there are also a few ones which are monotonous monuments of fear, isolation, despair and tension. Digipak.

FOLKSTORM – ‘Hurtmusic’ CD (Old Europa Cafe) – £11 / £12 / £13

Second OEC release by this great side project of MZ.412 leader Nordvargar! This time playing helped by Mrs. Nordvargr! Recorded live at Nar Mattaru on 11 March 2000 in front of a selected audience. Quite simply a bombastic live attack, this is the renascence of uncompromising power-industrial, this is muzak for “no prisoners” war status.

FOLKSTORM – ‘Information Blitzkrieg’ CD (Old Europa Cafe)
– £11 / £12 / £13

Folkstorm is the solo project of Mr. Kremator Nordvargr, the mastermind behind MZ.412, Toroidh etc. This is the reissue of the very first Folkstorm release. A unique masterpiece of heavy power electronics and old school industrial, ranging from beat-laden tracks to uncompromising noize and sampled vocals A true masterpiece of new industrial music devoid of politics, religion and contemporaries.

HENRIK NORDVARGR BJÖRKK– ‘On Broken Wings Towards Victory’ CD
(Old Europa Cafe) – £11 / £12 / £13

Following in the steps of “Awaken”, this CD explores the dark cellars of Bohult even deeper… This time new elements are thrown into the trademark darkness – using knifes, water and broken electronics this CD is sure to deliver a new perspective on the way we see and hear our nordic wolf. The darkest sounds from the Swedish underworld!

(Old Europa Cafe) – £11 / £12 / £13

The undisputed master of Nordic darkness and leading mind of MZ.412 returns once again from his cellar with a new offering! “The Dead Never Sleep” is a massive journey of classic Scandinavian dark ambient, but with added outbursts of more violent layers and haunting electronics. Outsized sleeve.

INADE – ‘Colliding Dimensions’ 4 x CD Boxset (Loki Foundation)
– £27 / £29 / £31

The long requested compendium that closes a circle from near the starting point of the project to their Peryt Shou release. All material of this set was recorded and sculptured during live shows and rehearsal sessions from 1995 to 2002 and was especially selected and mastered to receive high quality audio recordings with no compromise in sound. A third of the tracks have not been released in any form yet and this release brings back as well a lot of long sold out material like Vitriol, Flood Of White Light and more in new and powerful live versions. Four CDs and a glossy booklet presented in a beautiful box with fantastic artwork!

OÖPHOI – ‘Hymns To A Silent Sky’ CD (Nextera) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

An album of epic, deep, evocative space music that stretches out in front of you in its own infinite universe of sounds. The music is deeply connected with the mysteries of the sky: clouds moving slowly, delicate and dramatic colours merging together beyond the line of the horizon, winds carrying voices and sounds from distant times. A remarkable work full of poetry. Ltd x 1025 copies.

OÖPHOI – ‘Mare Imbrium’ CD (Nextera) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Challenging music to drift away with, a deeply atmospheric listening experience inspired by the most obscure Sea of the Moon, Mare Imbrium, the Sea of Storms. Dark synth washes, subtle noises, the distant voice of the Goddesses and deep slow resonances create a trance-like soundscape which asks for a careful listening to uncover its secrets. Originally released by Due Acque (2001), now digitally remastered and repackaged for your deep listening pleasure!

OÖPHOI – ‘Mare Tranquillitatis’ CD (Nextera) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

The most mysterious Sea of the Moon inspired this monumental work of Italian droning artist Oöphoi. The music leads us through different levels of space ambient music, from vast and resonant alien soundscapes to mystic and solitary drones for bass flute and electronics. At times reminiscing of Robert Rich’s first works, with sustained and undulating chords. Mare Tranquillitatis is a masterpiece of slow atmospheric space music. Originally released by Due Acque (2001), now digitally remastered and repackaged for your deep listening pleasure!

OÖPHOI – ‘Upuaut’ CD (Nextera) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

“Upuaut“ is the unique, 65+ minutes long composition recorded by Italian drone-ambient musician Oöphoi featuring Amir Baghiri and Mathias Grassow. For the first time since it was created in 1999, “Upuaut” is finally officially and properly released. Fully re-mastered, repackaged, including the great pyramid chamber updated diagram and liner notes from the Egyptologist Dr. J.J. Hurtak, “Upuaut” is one of the most profound, magical and sonically improved releases from Oöphoi’s extensive discography.

OÖPHOI / TAU CETI – ‘Subterranea’ CD (Nextera) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

After their acclaimed debut collaboration “Celestial geometries”, Italian sound sculptors Oöphoi and Tau Ceti are back with the long awaited second CD “Subterranea”, inspired by a book about the myth of Agharti, the hidden realm located in central Asia. Vast sonic explorations with synths, flutes, stones and shells, ranging from subtle and mysterious atmospheres to highly dynamic passages, describe this out of reach underworld. The last part of the long suite “The chamber of eternity” features the unique sound of the Tibetan singing bowls of Klaus Wiese. After the outer space adventures of their first CD, “Subterranea” deals with the inner space. Ltd x 1000 copies.

PACIFIC 231 & RAPOON – ‘Palestine’ CD (Old Europa Cafe) – £12 / £13 / £14

Palestine is a face-2-face meeting between Pacific 231 and Rapoon, dedicated to the memory of the late Bryn Jones 1961-1999 a.k.a. Muslimgauze. “The production also supports the struggle for a truly free Palestinian nation, a key issue for a liberated middle-east”. Ritual, Ethno-Ambient and Experimental music spanning a 20+ minute track from each artist. Ltd x 700 copies in a screen-printed ejector case with black CD.

THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK – ‘Three Living, Three Dead’ 10″ (Old Europa Cafe)
– £12 / £14 / £16

Stunning 10″ from this leading US Neofolk / Medieval band, with exclusive and unreleased tracks. As usual with TSBB, they deliver beautiful and highest quality acoustic medieval ballads. One track was composed with Francesco Banchini (Ataraxia and Gor). Ltd x 500 copies on brown vinyl in a stunning gold on brown textured sleeve with insert.

URUK-HAI – ‘Tawantinsuyu’ CD (Morningside Records) – £11 / £12 / £13

This 2006 album from Austria’s Uruk-Hai pays homage to the Incan empire in a monumental ethno-ambient / pagan dark ambient way. Uruk-Hai takes you back to the fortress of Sacsahuaman and the magnificent Temple of the Sun where the gold flowed like waves hitting a rocky coastline. Ltd x 1000 copies in a digipak.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – ‘The Old Europa Cafe’ 7 x CD Boxset (Old Europa Cafe)
– £32 / £35 / £38

101 artists help Italian label Old Europa Cafe celebrate its 100th release! 7 CDs in a glossy boxset with booklet, featuring: A Challenge of Honour, Aesthetic Meat Front, Ain Soph, Albireon, Alessandro Pacciani, All My Faith Lost, Argine, Artefactum, Asianova, Astro, Autopsia & K.Rossmann, Bad Sector, Beyond Sensory Experience, Black Sun Productions, Bleiburg, Camerata Mediolanense, Circus Joy, Claustrum, Cristian Renou, Cropcircle, D.B.P.I.T., David E. Williams, Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Dead Man’s Hill, Deutsch Nepal, Discordance, Division S, Dogs Hate Monet, Dream Weapon Ritual, Egida Aurea, Folkstorm, Foreign Trade, Foresta di Ferro, Furvus, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Grey Wolves, GX Jupitter-Larsen, H.E.R.R., Horologium, Hybryds, Jerome Deppe & Gentlemen Oscura, K. Meizter, Kallabris, Kenji Siratori, Knifeladder, Lark Blames, Lonsai Maikov & Dissonant Elephant, Lt. Caramel, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Malato, Mauro Guazzotti, Moljebka Pulse, Musterion, MZ.412, Naevus, Nazi UFO Commander, Ninth Desert, Njurmannen, Nocturne, Nordvargr, Northgate, Ô Paradis, Organisation Toth, Pacific 231, Peter Andresson, Post Contemporary Corporation, Rapoon, Richard Ramirez, Roma Amor, Runes Order, S.Q.E., Sacher Pelz, Sala Delle Colonne, Second Amendment, Seelenblut, Seelenlicht, Selfishadows, Shining Vril, Siegmar Fricke, Simulacrum, Sleeping Pictures, Slogun, Space Alliance, Spiritual Front, TAC, Tam Quam Tabula Rasa, Tears of Othila, Teatro Satanico, The Lindberg Baby, The Soil Bleed Black, Thomas Nola et Son Orchestre, Tribe of a Circle, Troum / Asianova / Voice of Eye, Ventral Metaphor, Vestigial, Voice of Eye, Vox Populi!, Wermut, Wertham, Weihan and XX Century Zorro.

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