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Cold Spring Bi-Weekly Newsletter – 23rd December 2010

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Due to the colossal amount of snow and ice throughout Europe, we are extremely disappointed to announce that both the Psychic TV ‘Themes’ box and the MZ. 412 ‘Vault’ box will not be shipped until around the middle/end of January. Our CD manufacturers have closed due to lack of staff and shipments in and out of the factory have been severely delayed for weeks now. Even when they re-open they will be dealing with a massive backlog. We will make announcements here when we know exact shipping dates. We cannot apologise enough for this delay, but it's beyond our control.

In the meantime we wish all our customers a merry festive season and we will see you all in 2011!


1st prize: £100 worth of goods from our mailorder catalogue (all at UK prices, no matter where you are!)

3 runner up prizes of any free CD from our catalogue (to the value of £11 in UK / £12 in EU / £13 ROW)

All orders received through our website between 2nd December and 24th December will be automatically entered into a special prize draw, which will be made on Christmas Day.
(Orders made through coldspring website only! Excludes orders made through ebay, discogs and downloads)

Winners will be announced in the next newsletter after the draw and will be contacted directly.
(Please write 'no draw' with your order if you do not wish to enter).

Good luck everyone!

PSYCHIC TV | Themes 6 x CD Boxset + Bonus CD (CSR123B) £39.23 / £42.23 / £45.23

Released: January
For the first time, all THEMES albums by PSYCHIC TV released together, in a sumptuous, matt laminate, spot-varnished box set. The music itself was designed not only as soundtrack but also for subsequent use by Initiates of The Temple Ov Psychick Youth in their rituals as Functional music intended only to aid in the process of making things happen. It is a practical tool. Thee essential collection of rare, archive and modern PTV ritual / esoteric musick! Each CD is presented in it's own matt laminate, spot-varnished mini-LP sleeve. The box also includes a 28-page booklet of rare photos and essays. Click here for tracklisting.


MZ. 412 | Vault 5 x CD Boxset (CSR142B) £80 / £90 / £100

Shipping: January
Ultra collector's boxset containing all 5 albums in the MZ. 412 reissue series: "In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi", "Burning The Temple Of God", "Nordik Battle Signs", "Domine Rex Inferum" and "Infernal Affairs". The inventors of "Black Industrial" blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. True Swedish Black Industrial! 5 x digipak albums, along with exclusive 5" VINYL WITH EXCLUSIVE TRACKS, pin-badge, tie, artcards and other surprises! Housed in a black wooden boxset with silver print. Ltd x 300 only!!!


V/A | We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold 2CD (CSR100CD) £13.50 / £14.50 / £15.50

MP3 | MP3| MP3

Shipping: Now
The follow-up to our award winning Folk compilation "John Barleycorn Reborn" from 2007. 34 tracks and 146 minutes of music from the best of current British Folk artists.

MZ. 412 | Burning The Temple Of God CD (CSR140CD) £11 / £12 / £13

MP3 | MP3| MP3

Shipping: Now
The ultimate statement in Swedish Black Industrial, summoning forth the act's controversial black metal side. Remastered with bonus tracks. Digipak.

MACHINEFABRIEK | Vloed CD (CSR138CD) £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

MP3 | MP3

Shipping: Now
Live performances, 2006-8. Thick billows of warm guitar shimmer, minimal high end drone, black dronemusik. 20 min bonus track. Digipak.

MZ. 412 | In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi CD (CSR136CD) £11 / £12 / £13
Shipping: Now
The darkest sides of Satanism, death and ritual sacrifice. An enduring, blasphemous statement of True Swedish Black Industrial. Remastered version with two bonus tracks. Digipak with spot varnishing.

STEVEN SEVERIN | Blood Of A Poet CD (CSR135CD) £11 / £12 / £13
Shipping: Now
Solo artist and founding member of Siouxsie and the Banshees. This album is Severin's entire soundtrack to Jean Cocteau’s 1930 surrealist classic. Gatefold digisleeve.

MERZBOW & Z'EV | Spiral Right / Spiral Left CD (CSR133CD) £11 / £12 / £13

Shipping: Now
Stunning collaborative release from Japanese Noise King Merzbow and legendary elemental sound artist Z'EV.
Dark Ambient Noise in a special textured card digisleeve.



EMME YA – 'Atavistic Dreams And Phallic Totems' CD (CSR127CD)

ANNI HOGAN – 'Mountain' CD (CSR132CD)

MZ. 412 – 'Nordik Battle Signs' CD (CSR144CD)


• 14 Jan 11,
Bimhuis, Amsterdam (NL)

• 5 Feb 11, Theatrefabrik, Leipzig (DE)


• 5 Mar 11, The Garage, London (UK). Tickets and full info soon!

• 11 Mar 11, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Sheffield (UK)

• 26 Mar 11, Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, Llanberis (UK)

• 30 Apr 10, VIII Congresso Post Industriale, Venice (IT)

• 25 Jun 10, Slimelight, London (UK)

• 22 Jul 10, Woodland Gathering, Fell Foot Wood (UK)

• 3 Sep 11, Villa Festival, Umbria (IT)


Full stocklist (209pp, 19/10/10)



In My Rosary


The Days Of The Trumpet Call

For a limited time only – and limited stock on each – the 4 CDs above are available at the special price of £30.00 (UK), £32.00 (EU), £34.00 (World) – Including postage. Full info and ordering


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ATRIUM CARCERI – 'Phrenitis' CD (Cold Meat Industry) – £12 / £13 / £14

The 6th album from Atrium Carceri takes the listener to a twisted place where the walls between worlds are razed. The ruinous cities of wars long past, where time itself is but a prisoner and the warlords roaming their purgatorial halls are free to destroy the very foundations of the natural order. Simon Heath shows the world that no man is ever truly the master of their art unless they strive to evolve with it. The soundscapes he has created bypass the conscious mind, taking the listener deep into his pristine nightmare. The evolution of sound sets Atrium Carceri apart from other dark ambient acts by being a truly diverse piece, replete with details upon details to make the illusion complete, and haunting compositions to make the mind yearn.

CIRCLE – 'Rautatie' CD (Ektro Records) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Circle is ever changing, ever Circular. On "Rautatie" the Finnish six-piece once again dives into uncharted waters of music, into a miasma of influences that feels vaguely familiar but, in an uncanny way, is not quite real. "Rautatie" is epic hard rock and colossal riffs that corrode into fragments of black metallic atonality over time. Occasionally the album’s majestic elements step aside and let sprinkles of athletic boogie take the center stage. Together the eight tracks on the album form a hard rocking bullet train, speeding ever onwards on a circular railroad to infinity.

All Circle Titles

CONTROL – 'Deadly Sins' CD (Malignant Records) – £11 / £12 / £13

Another pulverizing display of power from Thomas Garrison's Control. 7 tracks, thematically centered around the 7 deadly sins (with each track clocking in at 7 minutes), originally issued an extremely limited release (just 50 copies!) for the Elektroanschlag 11 Festival earlier this year. There is no atonement here, nor redemption offered. Just cold, jarring currents of massively built power electronics and horror filled death industrial, full of clamoring factory debris, razor sharp sheets of sonic violence, and grisly metallic grind, rounded out with Garrison's trademark vocal devastation. Digipak with design by John Balistreri (Slogun).

All Control Titles

CYCLOBE – 'The Eclipser' 7" (Dot Dot Dot Music) – £11 / £12 / £13

Cyclobe are a music duo based on the south coast of England, formed by Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown. They make hallucinatory electronic soundscapes by mixing sampled and heavily synthesized sounds with acoustic arrangements for strings and woodwind, hurdy gurdy, voice and bagpipes. Thrower and Brown are well known for their work in the legendary group Coil as well as UnicaZürn, The Amal Gamal Ensembl and Current 93. Cyclobe’s unique and complex sound-world has been developing and mutating ever since their debut album released in 1999 'Luminous Darkness' and its unearthly successor 'The Visitors'. 'The Eclipser' 7" single marks Cyclobe's return in conjunction with their album 'Wounded Galaxies Tap at The Window'. Ltd x 300 copies on clear vinyl.

All Cyclobe TitlesAll 7" Vinyl

DREDDUP – 'El Conquistadors' CD (Beast Of Prey) – £11 / £12 / £13

Dreddup is an industrial, machine, dynamic and energetic project from Serbia. Their truly apocalyptic lyrics touch on subjects such as time, transience and existence. 'El Conquistadors' gives you 70 minutes of hardcore, dynamic industrial/rock music similar in fashion to Einstürzende Neubauten, The Young Gods, or Laibach. It is their third album, and it constitutes the last part of the trilogy preoccupied with the notion of time. 'El Conquistadors' tells a story of the here and now and of the boundaries of the human soul. A cry from the Balkans, a manifesto of the realm of machines, dust and rust. Ltd x 500 copies in a digipak.

FEAR FALLS BURNING – 'Dead Of Night' 7" (Dot Dot Dot Music) – £11 / £12 / £13

Founded in 2005 as an exercise in minimalism and as a conscious counterpoint to the refined complexity of vidnaObmana, Fear Falls Burning has gradually turned into a musical meditation on purity and subdued power. As part of this transformation, the guitar has evolved from a mere instrument into a veritable shamanic tool for trance. In a sense, Dirk Serries, who has held a deep fascination for the subtle power of drone music ever since embarking on his personal odyssey in 1984, is returning to his roots here: FFB presents listeners with a primevally physical experience that is in turns contemplative, rhythmically agitated and thunderous. Ltd x 300 copies on purple splatter vinyl.

All Fear Falls Burning TitlesAll 7" Vinyl

JUSSI LEHTISALO – 'Rotta' LP (Ektro Records / Full Contact Records / Svart Records)

– £16 / £19 / £22

The international heavy metal bass superstar and aspiring Finnish singer-songwriter Jussi Lehtisalo has taken a break from his duties in the hard rock group Circle and gone solo to seek direct means of expression for his inner moods. The resulting vinyl-only album "Rotta" is a touching collection of psych-rock / ambient / experimental tunes, which lead the listener through the sidewalks, back alleys and small corner pubs of Lehtisalo's hometown Pori. Ltd x 500 copies with art by illustrator Jussi S Karjalainen.

All LP / 12" Vinyl

LAUDANUM – 'The Coronation' CD (20 Buck Spin)

– £11 / £12 / £13

Judd and Becky Hawk are joined by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Pig Heart Transplant, Earhammer Studios) and Nathan Misterek (Graves At Sea). On "The Coronation", the two elements that make up the current Laudanum sound – punishing, bruised sludge doom and bleak industrial noise experiments – are fused ever more tightly together into a cohesive soundtrack for the slow collapse of modern life and culture. The intense low frequency pummel of Wilkinson’s bass rumble is itself an apparent cause for some of this collapse, such is its massive earth-shaking power. Becky’s crushing drum beats rival Dale Crover in sheer intensity and brute force. Judd’s repetitive stone slab riffs carrying the weight of the world, and Misterek’s vocals, colliding with Becky’s, coating the whole thing with the mournful, evil magick of life’s coming oppression. This is The Coronation of the end. Digifile.

MRTYU! – 'Blood Tantra (Rituals De Sang Du Culte De Tantra' 2 x CD (20 Buck Spin)

– £13 / £14 / £15

Imagine a crossbreed of ("Salt Marie Celeste" era) Nurse With Wound, Khanate and Throbbing Gristle and you can start to imagine the sound of New Zealand's Mrtyu! The sound is a mix of back woods New Zealand and modern urban decay. When the deep bass detonations lash out on 'Rites of Death in Body Temple' you're not quite sure whether it's the sound of an ancient Aboriginal ritual or the menacing 808 war march of a midnight low-rider with its lights low and sawed-offs strapped. Harsh noise, Industrial Sludge and Narco-Metal meeting at the crossing of the Styx. Mrtyu! is Antony Milton (Black Boned Angel). Reissue of two extremely limited CDRs. 6-panel digisleeve.

MUSIIKKIVYÖRY – 'Tulemme Sokeiksi' CD (Ektro Records) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

"Tulemme sokeiksi" (”We’re Becoming Blind”) is a retrospective CD by Musiikkivyöry (”music avalanche”). In addition to being a curious chapter in the endless saga of the post-punk era, this DIY document is also one of the finer, more elusive threads of the cassette-culture scene. Originally issued in 1981, Musiikkivyöry’s two tapes were the work of Mika Taanila, a 15-year-old who would grow up to become an internationally acclaimed filmmaker. This CD features the key tracks from those micro-edition recordings. Musiikkivyöry’s output is typical of the early 80s raw zeitgeist, but with a timeless, teen-anguish twist. Taanila heartily embraces punk’s total do-it-yourself ideal, yet his style is light years away from the conventional guitar groups of the day: Atonal riffs, home electronics, randomly cut-up radio sounds, noise and primitive industrial weltschmertz blend into a rough, highly personalised whole.

PARANOIA INDUCTA – 'Evil Angel' CD (Beast Of Prey) – £11 / £12 / £13

"Evil Angel" is an album touching the deepest human emotions: tender, subtle, uneasy. "Evil Angel" is one of the most personal albums of Paranoia Inducta – tranquil and balanced dark ambient soundscapes, tender whispers and voices, alongside the incredible industrial sounds of dying machines that represent Paranoia Inducta's music so well. 50 minutes of beautiful, individual sounds. Ltd x 500 copies in a glossy digipak.

All Paranoia Inducta Titles

PHARAOH OVERLORD – 'Siluurikaudella' CD (Ektro Records) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Pharaoh Overlord – masters of rigid hypnotic riffing and overlords of rock 'n' roll repetition – surprise everybody on their latest offering by propelling themselves head first into three lengthy surreal partitures. Instead of the familiar avalanche of distortion and metronome-like drumming, "Siluurikaudella" offers a sound that has been stripped of all traces of rock music. Has the ever-present riff disappeared? Is it still buried somewhere beneath the unpredictable textures woven by three guitars, drums and bass? Are the results too obscure for rockers? Too avant-garde for jazz connoisseurs? For fans of Finnish stoner / space / psych rock ala Circle.

RAKHIM – 'Crimson Umbrella' CD (20 Buck Spin)

– £10 / £11 / £12

"What if Z’EV had written the intro to Darkthrone’s “Blaze In The Northern Sky?". With that question in mind Finland’s Rakhim unearth "Crimson Umbrella"; a two-track fit of kraut-noise psychosis, schizophrenic percussive clatter and layers of effects and over-processed vocal chants and screams. The nightmarish deconstruction of the 2 lengthy tracks bare only trace elements of main members Krypt and Rudimentor’s day jobs in Circle and Pharaoh Overlord, with Rakhim indulging in sonic terror too far gone for the aforementioned bands. Although the album’s title makes reference to L.A.’s great Jesters Of Destiny, Rakhim would more aptly call to mind Wolf Eyes filtered through a lengthy Faust tape jam. Best experienced through headphones at appropriately ear-bleeding volume. Silver on black digifile.


– £11 / £12 / £13

A split album between two titans of the North American underground! “The Red List” marks a huge turning point for US noise legends Bastard Noise. The harsh noise and power electronics they are well known and revered for here is mixed into a foundation of brutal modern hardcore with progressive tendencies, recalling their seminal past ties with Man Is The Bastard. The Endless Blockade's contribute a 14+ minute modern power-violence epic, alongside two remix tracks from the "Primitive" sessions; the first remix by Noah Creshevsky, the second a brutal harsh noise blast by Canadian audial assaulter The Rita. A sick offering!

All The Bastard Noise TitlesAll The Endless Blockade Titles

WELTER IN THY BLOOD – 'Through The Fields Of Mourning' CD (Shadowgraph Records)

– £11 / £12 / £13

Welter In Thy Blood is a three piece Black Funeral Doom band emerging from Los Angeles in 2007 with the intent of giving a soundtrack to human extinction. The elegies of Welter In Thy Blood speak of their virulent hate of human existence and the lauding of death and solitude. Revealed through a staggering funeral cadence and guttural ululations is a feeling of absolute torment and despondency. Like a putrid mass for an unholy God. Welter In Thy Blood musically coalesced self mutilation and misanthropy with the urge for voluntary human extinction, coining the term "Suicide is a Virtue". Not for the weak or feeble, this is music for the slightly deranged and the disturbed. Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel digipak with artwork by Kevin Yuen (TenHornedBeast, Sunn O))) etc).

VARIOUS ARTISTS – 'Night Science IV' Magazine + CD (Cipher Productions) – £13 / £15 / £17

Fourth edition of this excellent Noise zine. The accompanying CD contains tracks from Hum Of The Druid (2 tracks), The Haters, Dieter Müh, Kazumoto Endo, Raionbashi, Halthan and Golden Serenades – plus extensive interviews with all of these artists, and a profile for the Posh Isolation label. Around 220 reviews. Perfect bound A5 B&W magazine (more like a softback book!) with 136 pages. Ltd x 500 copies, Australian import. An impressive collection, a very enjoyable read and a highly recommended addition to any noise collection!!

All Cipher Productions TitlesAll CompilationsAll Magazines

ANDROMELOS – 'Andromelos' CD (Ektro Records) – £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Debut release from Andromelos – a psychedelic Japanese supergroup formed by guitarist Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple, Nishinihon, Musica Transonic, Mainliner, Gong), electronics genius Yamazaki Maso (Masonna, Space Machine) and drummer Okano Futoshi (Nishinihon, ex Subert Blaze, ex Ghost). Droning organs and relatively calm electronics give way to a fully-fledged cosmic-kraut-rock-lovin-odyssey ala AMT and Space Machine, or 70s analogue-synth masters like Klaus Schulze or early Tangerine Dream. Ektro is the label of Jussi from Finnish legends Circle.

BRANDKOMMANDO – 'USA – The United States Of China' CD (Beast Of Prey)

– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Another portion of power electronics and good old harsh vocals from this Polish act. "Everything sharp, perverted, without mercy. Over 50 minutes of sick and repugnant music for a mature audience, showing images of perverse reality, disgusting facts that we are surrounded by, that we learn from internet, television or press and we watch them with dread, thinking where this world is coming to. The album does not judge or insist or promote any violence, it's only an image of reality". Released as a 12 page outsize booklet with graphics, speeches, commentaries. Ltd x 350 hand-numbered copies.

HALF MAKESHIFT – 'L'Anse Amort' CD (20 Buck Spin) – £10 / £11 / £12

Half Makeshift is the solo project of Pennsylvania's Nathan Michael. L'anse Amort contains four tracks that expand on the density of his debut "Aphotic Leech", creating more space and reflection, more peaks and valleys. The monumental 17 minute opener "Whale Heart" builds from a simple melody and crackling electro-static to eventually collapse under its own weight in a huge Nadja-esque wall of drone riffery , while other tracks are comparable to Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore. "L'anse Amort" is epic in a way most "post-rock" bands can only aspire to. Comes specially packaged in a outsize gatefold with four photographic postcards.

WULGATA – 'Echoes Of The Past… Not So Far Away' CD (Beast Of Prey)
– £10.50 / £11.50 / £12.50

Wulgata is a Polish musical project, who for the past few years has ben creating dark ambient and industrial sounds in the quiet spots of Silesia. "Echoes of the past…not far away" is a compilation of what is best in Wulgata. This is a 'deceitful' album – on one hand announcing the coming of a mortal threat, and on the other, a reflection of some inner strength, that tries to break free and whispers to calm the spirit. 55 minutes of grim dark ambient sounds with rhythmical and industrial elements. Presented in a foldout package with insert and finished with a wax seal. Hand-numbered edition of 444 copies.

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