**PRE-ORDER** COIL - 'A Guide For Beginners - The Voice Of Silver / A Guide For Finishers - A Hair Of Gold' 2 x CD (CSR288CD)COIL ‘A Guide For Beginners – The Voice Of Silver / A Guide For Finishers – A Hair Of Gold‘ 2 x CD (CSR288CD) £15

Out of print on CD for almost two decades, Cold Spring are proud to announce the official reissue of a much sought after ‘Best Of’ set by the acclaimed esoteric experimental pioneers Coil, with ‘A Guide For Beginners – The Voice Of Silver’ and ‘A Guide For Finishers – A Hair Of Gold’ being made available together in one deluxe set.

Officially licensed from FEELEE, this edition spans Coil’s entire career, featuring tracks from all their major albums. They were hand-picked by Coil to represent their best work and originally released to mark their first performance in Moscow in 2001.

The artwork (text in English and Russian Cyrillic) sympathetically features the rarest of the images previously used in the original Russian and English editions and is packaged in a deluxe, glossy 8-panel digipak with spot matt-laminate varnish. Comes with 2 glossy artcards and sticker (direct from Cold Spring only).

The vinyl-only edition by FEELEE was released as two separate luxurious 2xLP editions in 2018. All artwork for the Cold Spring edition has been approved by FEELEE.
**PRE-ORDER** VA - 'The Forme To The Fynisment Foldes Ful Selden' 2 x CD (CSR252CD)VARIOUS ARTISTS
The Forme To The Fynisment Foldes Ful Selden‘ 2 x CD (CSR252CD) £11.50

We bring our dark folk series full circle on Lammas (digital release, 1st August), 13 years after the release of ‘John Barleycorn Reborn: Dark Britannica’. A constant theme throughout these releases has been the cyclical nature of time and the seasons, and the relationship of mankind to the natural environment, with recurrent references to John Barleycorn, personification of the harvest.

32 tracks from the cream of current dark British Folk music:

CD1: Winterfylleth, Sol-De-Muerte, Finglebone, Tim Lane, Soldat, The Familiars, The Sound Of Antler, Beau, PerKelt, A Tiding Of Magpies, C J Mann & Becky Sharp, Thornland, Larynx And Claw, My Silent Wake, Peleser, Robert Pitcher.

CD2: Peter Ulrich (DEAD CAN DANCE), sedayneLORE, Wolcensmen, Brocc, Venereum Arvum, Sixpenny Wayke , Alex Monk, The Psychogeographical Commission, Silver Of World Union, Sand Snowman (Featuring Moonswift), Tim Lane & Hayley Evenett, Sunshine Coding, Coma Wall, Jo Beth Young, Nathaniel Mann, Ignis Astrifer.

2CD release: Friday 11th September

“Death Ceremonies” is the darkest, most primitive death industrial record, soaked throughout with the smell of rotting corpses and burning bodies.

Controlled Death (MASONNA) features Yamazaki’s most compulsive Korg MS-20 drones and obsessive, disturbing vocals, drenched with anxiety and alienation. Dense atmospheres of doom, death and decay build up just to break away in deep paranoia. Rudolf (SCHIMPFLUCH) scratches a near-dead violin over horrifying synth tones, celebrating obscure forest rituals, unearthing an archaic actionism and long forgotten witchery – decomposing his raw sounds on dusty magnetic tape.

Maso Yamazaki (best known for his extreme Japanoise project Masonna) and Rudolf (Swiss noise-actionists of the legendary Schimpfluch circle) collaborated live and in the studio multiple times during the mid and late 90’s. Both based in Osaka, Japan, a spontaneous meeting brought up their mutual interest in degraded and primitive black metal. Discussing their own latest black brews of sinister side projects gave birth to the idea of the “Death Ceremonies” LP.

Ltd x 400 copies on 180gm vinyl in a 350gsm sleeve.
MOTHRA - 'Doom Engine' LP (CSR284LP)MOTHRA ‘Doom Engine‘ LP (CSR284LP) £16

First time on vinyl for this cult album from Japanese Noise / Death Industrial / junk noise group MOTHRA: Jun-ichi Takahashi (Screloma), Masahiko Okubo (Linekraft / Oozepus), Fumihiro Kojima, and Masahito Nozu.

Harsh noise, rhythmic death industrial and full of Industrial junk percussion, “Doom Engine” was created using gas tanks, iron plates, junk metal, heavy bass, distorted / screamed vocals, and psychedelic sound imagery. For fans of: early Einsturzende Neubauten / early Test Dept, Kollaps, classic German Death Industrial, but with a distinct Japanese edge.

New artwork by RSJS. Ltd x 400 copies on 180gm vinyl in a 350gsm sleeve.
W ands‘ CD (CSR280CD) £11

A posthumous collaboration between the late Phil Western (DOWNLOAD, BEEHATCH), Jesse Creed (THE PASSENGER) and Mark Spybey (DOWNLOAD, DEAD VOICES ON AIR, REFORMED FACTION, BEEHATCH). Both Phil and Jesse shared a love for vintage analogue synthesizers such as the VCS3, and the music for “W ands” was largely created using this equipment. In the spirit of how it was created, Spybey added improvised passages using his collection of homemade and ethnic instruments and then edited the pieces.

Phil would often talk about being ‘taken away’ by music. Both Jesse and Mark have laboured to do this through their own music too, not as a means of escape but to transcend. This music strives to explore the desire to go beyond the ordinary everyday experience and to reach a place where the egos and the individual contributions of the players are largely inconsequential. A place where time doesn’t really matter. A place of healing and invention.
n album of expansive drones and analogue electronics, which will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Coil, Nurse With Wound, Zoviet France.


The first 100 copies of this CD come with an exclusive artcard designed by Phil’s daughter Mora.


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