Cold Spring Bi-Weekly Newsletter – 28th April 2011

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PSYCHIC TV | Themes 6 x CD Boxset + Bonus CD (CSR123B) £42 / £45 / £48
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For the first time, all THEMES albums by PSYCHIC TV released together, in a sumptuous, matt laminate, spot-varnished box set. The music itself was designed not only as soundtrack but also for subsequent use by Initiates of The Temple Ov Psychick Youth in their rituals as Functional music intended only to aid in the process of making things happen. It is a practical tool. Thee essential collection of rare, archive and modern PTV ritual / esoteric musick! Each CD is presented in it’s own matt laminate, spot-varnished mini-LP sleeve. The box also includes a 28-page booklet of rare photos and essays. Click here for tracklisting.

MZ. 412 | Vault 5 x CD Boxset (CSR142B) £80 / £90 / £100
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Ultra collector’s boxset containing all 5 albums in the MZ. 412 reissue series: “In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi”, “Burning The Temple Of God”, “Nordik Battle Signs”, “Domine Rex Inferum” and “Infernal Affairs”. The inventors of “Black Industrial” blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. True Swedish Black Industrial! 5 x digipak albums, along with exclusive 5″ VINYL WITH EXCLUSIVE TRACKS, bespoke engraved shot glass, embroidered tie, artcards and other surprises! Housed in a black wooden boxset with silver print. Ltd x 300 only!!!

MZ. 412 | Domine Rex Inferum CD (CSR145CD) £11 / £12 / £13
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misanthropic journey through a claustrophobic vortex, filled with sinister dark ambient and threatening Industrial atmospheres. Remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks. Digipak.

MZ. 412 | Infernal Affairs CD (CSR146CD) £11 / £12 / £13
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A bombastic Industrial magnum opus! Opulent orchestral arrangements sit perfectly alongside cavernous dark ambient and blackened noise. Reissued with two extra tracks. Digipak.

MZ. 412 | Nordik Battle Signs CD (CSR144CD) £11 / £12 / £13
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Another Satanic tour de force from the overlords of Swedish Black Industrial! Feat. Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio. Remastered with bonus tracks. Digipak.

V/A | We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold 2CD (CSR100CD) £13.50 / £14.50 / £15.50
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The follow-up to our award winning Folk compilation “John Barleycorn Reborn” from 2007. 34 tracks and 146 minutes of music from the best of current British Folk artists.


ANNI HOGAN – ‘Mountain’ CD (CSR132CD)
EMME YA – ‘Atavistic Dreams And Phallic Totems’ CD (CSR127CD)

• 30 Apr 11, VIII Congresso Post Industriale, Venice (IT)

• 13-14 May 11, Short Circuit, Roundhouse, London (UK)

• 14 May 11, L’Affaire Fatale, 7er Club, Mannheim (DE)

Blood Of A Poet Tour

• 15 May 11, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry (UK).
• 13-14 Jun 11, The Lowry, Salford Quays (UK).
Full Tour Dates

• 22 May 11, Hare And Hounds, Birmingham (UK) – with Emeralds

• 3 Jun 11, Wagon & Horses, Birmingham (UK) – with Pollutive Static, BBBlood, Skat Injector

• 25 Jun 11, Slimelight, London (UK)
with Freya Aswynn, Joy Of Life

• 22 Jul 11, Woodland Gathering, Fell Foot Wood, Cumbria (UK). Tickets.

• 6-7 Aug 11, Fat Out Fest, Islington Mill, Salford (UK). Tickets.

• 3 Sep 11, Villa Festival, Umbria (IT)

• 17 Sep 11, Tower Transmissions I, Dresden (DE)


Full stocklist (213pp, 22/03/11)





VA – ‘Hate Tasting’
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ANBB – ‘Mimikry’ CD (Raster Noton) – £18 / £19 / £20
Being friends and admirers of each other’s work for a long time, electronic music composer / visual artist Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) and composer / voice artist Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten / Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds) decided to join forces to initiate a collaborative project in 2007. Together they developed a musical concept combining improvisation and abstraction. Working on their own experimental material that gains its strength from the spontaneity of the live-performance of Bargeld’s voice as well as rethinking traditional songs in their own special manner, they deliver an outstanding and inspiring musical blend for their audience. Mimikry readopts two original tracks and two alternative versions from the “Ret Marut Handshake” EP, while also introducing six completely new songs. The CD comes with a special 16 page booklet presenting original text / drawings of Blixa Bargeld that developed during the recordings.
ARTEFACTUM – ‘Foxgloves & Bluebells’ CD (Old Europa Cafe / Ur Muzik) – £11 / £12 / £13
As one of the very few representatives of what might be labelled as feminine ambient music, Artefactum remains the embodiment of unique characteristics: deep and warm ambient intertwined with sounds of nature, ritual bells, remote drumming and sensual vocals. While still within the borders of ambient, this release also contains a collection of beautiful songs inspired by old poetry and mysterious folklore. With wonderful guest appearances from neo-medieval The Soil Bleeds Black, British folk singer Andrew King (Sol Invictus) and neo-classical Dawn & Dusk Entwined, “Foxgloves & Bluebells” is a must-have release for anyone into esoteric post-industrial music. 6-panel digipak.

All Artefactum Titles

BAD SECTOR – ‘Chronoland’ CD (Power & Steel / Loki Foundation) – £11 / £12 / £13
This new album of Massimo Magrini is the soundscape for a mind movie and another masterpiece that picks up where the previous work “CMASA” left off. 12 beautifully crafted chapters of music segueing between morphing layers of thick drones, haunting melodies and crackling vocal transmissions. “Chronoland” unfolds a fascinating and cinematic atmosphere of frightening ambient melodica with dark soundwaves deeply embedded in the music and bursts of electro-acoustic effects. This release is another step forward into the sound cosmos of Massimo Magrini with new directions but always in the unique way of Bad Sector. Comes in a 6-panel outsize digisleeve.
BLOOD BOX – ‘Funeral In An Empty Room’ CD (Power & Steel / Loki Foundation)
– £12 / £13 / £14
Seven years after the highly acclaimed “Iron Dream” CD (Eibon) and 14 years after the CD debut, “A World of Hurt” (Malignant), Blood Box finally returns with a new album! As one part of revered Dark Ambient project Yen Pox, Michael JV Hensley is certainly no stranger to creating epic and immersive soundscapes, and with “Funeral In An Empty Room”, he has yet again meticulously crafted another highly detailed, intensely atmospheric work. Awash in slow, dreamlike waves of morphing textures, and blissfully unfurling cosmic drift, this is nothing less than an aural vision down the hypnotic path to the unknown; serene yet gloomy, with multiple layers of swelling tones, subdued melodies, and ominous, spacey effects. Comes with 12-page booklet. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
BOYD RICE AND FRIENDS – ‘Music, Martinis, And Misanthropy 21st Anniversary Edition’ LP
(Extremocidente) – £20 / £23.50 / £27
21st Anniversary edition of this classic release! “Some records do not need an introduction. Some records define a genre and refine a chain of thought. They give you a pat in the back and let you know they’ve been there forever. They let you know you’re right. Music Martinis & Misanthropy came out 21 years ago. There is no need for an age of consent to unwrap all its gifts but it feels damn nice to be 21 and this is a gift, from us to you: 2 tracks from the original release, one from the CD reissue and two new. Pressed in mint green vinyl and limited to 666 numbered copies, housed in a UV spot varnished cover and with six postcards and a lyrics inner… Life feels great.”

All Boyd Rice TitlesAll LP/12″ Vinyl

CISFINITUM / THE [LAW-RAH] COLLECTIVE – ‘[ANS]werk’ CD (Fario) – £11 / £12 / £13
Dark Ambient masters Cisfinitum and The [Law-Rah] Collective dedicated this split and common work to one of the very first synthesizers in the world, the ANS. The ANS, created by Russian engineer E. Murzin, is an incredible response to the synesthesia theories (the letters ANS stand for Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin who linked tones to colours). The ANS (only one copy exists and is kept in Moscow) generates special frequencies from drawings and can also create a visible image of a sound frequency. Artists such as Coil, Edward Artemiev (for Tarkovsky’s “Solaris” soundtrack) and Alfred Schnittke used the ANS in their compositions. For this album, The [Law-Rah] Collective and Cisfinitum based their music on original sounds from the ANS as well as additional recordings of various analog synths, fractal and granular synthesis, voice, violin, field recordings. They give birth to an intense cold and grey music upon which fly ghosts of melodies, archaic or yet to come. A5 sleeve.

All Cisfinitum Titles All The [Law-Rah] Collective Titles

Ur Muzik
) – £8 / £9 / £10
Nearly a quarter-century into a staggering solo career, David E. Williams has decided to join a band. Granted, the David E. Williams Ensemble Experience Project is a band that bears his name, but it still signifies the first time the noir singer-songwriter has collaborated so freely on new songs with other musicians. He wrote these tunes as he normally does – at the piano, in the kitchen, under heavy sorrow – but the final arrangements represent the creative contribution of five people. The result is a David E. Williams release where his trademark absurdity ad profundum is equally matched by organic breadth, pop majesty and catchy subversion. Ltd x 300 copies. All David E. Williams Titles All 7″ Vinyl

IOSOPHIS – ‘M’ CD (Totsoluna Disc) – £11 / £12 / £13
Second album by Iosophis, the Folk project born of the ashes of the Third Wave. Less minimal, more emotional and organic and all in all more undeniably “folk” than its predecessor “N”, “M” was inspired and recorded live, three days after the Winter Solstice, in miscellaneous places such as small churches, ruins and forests near the centre of France. Sometimes reminiscent of 70s English Folk music, sometimes calling to mind the work of Scivias or Cascadian folk bands… Digipak.

All Iosophis Titles

MICHEL BANABILA – ‘The Latest Research From The Department Of Electrical Engineering’
CD (Tapu Records / Lumberton Trading Company / AudioTong) – £8 / £9 / £10
The latest work from Dutch composer Michel Banabila. The music is created mainly from electrical sources, but the approach is not clinical, rather mechanical, loud, intrusive, but also has a distinct human factor to it. It is clearly Banabila doing the engineering here, obviously enjoying his new ‘mad scientist’ incarnation. Some of the recordings arose from earlier mix-versions of tracks originally made for the dance performance ZOUT, by Conny Janssen Danst & Anne Soldaat. Unlike previous Banabila albums, there is very little of the so-called ‘world music’, voice samples or jazz influences, but instead a mainly electronic angle, with a special contribution by sound-artist/performer Zenial (AudioTong, Vivo Records). 40mins of music. Ltd x 300 copies in a card sleeve.
ZSOLT SORES AHAD – ‘Ahad’s Master’s Garden III (22007 – 2009): The Harmonian Blues’
2 x CD (Fourth Dimension / AudioTong) – £13.50 / £14.50 / £15.50
A fantastic double CD by Zsolt Sorés (aka Ahad), Budapest-based sound artist and improviser. These two discs capture the prolific and versatile musician in a fully tranced-out fug that draws not only from his background in rock music but also his strong leanings towards the avant-garde and improvisation partly formed by being classically-trained yet never content to remain as such. In turn, we are treated to some near-mystical and transcendental journeys… contemporary psychedelia, spaceward-bound forays, expansive and drone-bound guitar textures. Inspired by Fourier’s Harmonian Opera and several quotations by Hakim Bey, Sores’ has created an album that resonates with depth of a nature rarely found these days. Ltd x 500 copies in a gatefold digisleeve.
CIRCULAR – ‘Shaping The Unknown’ CD (Loki Foundation) – £11 / £12 / £13

This debut defines an opulent style of meditative ambient music and celebrates the pure sound engines of perfect analogue synthesizer music. Johannes Riedel created an elegant and stylish form of drone music to build ellipses in between sculptures blowing through the triangular center. These aural paintings uncover sacred landscapes of drifting loops and the brilliant use of guitars to set up an unearthly visionary wall of sound. Circular’s music disposes a special principle where tracks build up slowly and take a period of concentration, of taking shape, followed by overwhelming massive soundworlds from outer states. Digipak.

EX.ORDER – ‘Corporate Control’ CD (Power & Steel / Loki Foundation)
– £11 / £12 / £13

Ex.Order disrupt your synapses with “Corporate Control”. Ten new tracks of an immensely raw sonic and violent aesthetic, constructed through dark throbbing machine noises, crushing rhythmic layers and vocals. Highly explosive heavy electronics, uncompromising and provocative both sonically and visually. An unforgiving tour de force capturing the perfection of disorder. The absolute response to the nightmare that is the world we live in. Ex.Order is the Power Electronics alter-ago of Inade.

HERBST9 – ‘From A Dark Chasm Below’ CD (Loki Foundation)
– £11 / £12 / £13

The legendary and long deleted debut album from 1999, now finally available again in a carefully remastered version. Complex, textural ambience, consisting of layer upon layer of kinetic, luminous tones and ephemeral nuances of time. Nearly 70 minutes of finest ritual ambient music, mesmerizing rhythmic percussion with deep and sonorous drones. Herbst9 construct sonic rituals gleaned from the ruins of minds scraped hollow and left to decay while natural sounds and archaic motives develop visionary sequences.

INADE – ‘The Crackling Of The Anonymous’ CD (Loki Foundation)
– £11 / £12 / £13

This dark and hallucinatory masterwork, is constructed via the never heard utterances of the void, while tapping into the psyche of the impossible. A stunning dark ambient release that defies all logic because it creates its own! Gorgeous 6-panel digipak by the masters of Dark ambience!! A must-have for fans of Lustmord!

LAND:FIRE – ‘Gone’ LP (Power & Steel / Loki Foundation) – £12 / £15.50 / £19

The debut release from the Herbst9 project! Massive drones and sinister melodies rise out from the inside of a dark and bleak ground while crushing rhythms and unreal vocal shreds echoing through a wide spectrum of sounds and effects. The perfect sound journey through devastated landscapes. Ltd x 750 copies.

LAND:FIRE – ‘Shortwave Transmission’ CD (Power & Steel / Loki Foundation)
– £11 / £12 / £13

Coming back with an all new album after more than 5 years the alter ego of Herbst9 delivers another outstanding soundtrack about radiological warfare and it’s debris during the last century. SWT is like a massive energy spike with a surrounding maelstrom of machine noises, rhythms, interferences and electromagnetic waves. The complex arrangement of technical sounds creates a deadly atmosphere of fallout and devastated landscapes with an apocalyptic aura reflected by dissonant harmonies and deep shimmering ambient scapes. Presented in a 6 panel digipak. Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann (First Law).

S.E.T.I. – ‘Corona’ CD (Power & Steel / Loki Foundation) – £11 / £12 / £13

Being active in the fields of electronic music since 1982 Andrew Lagowski started to work with his deep space sound project S.E.T.I. in 1992. Now with the fifth album and numerous other releases in between a connection is made with the first highly anticipated album KNOWLEDGE released in 1994. The new album CORONA unfolds an atmosphere that lies with the heart of the cosmos. Deep and slowly moving waves of cosmic drones, harmonic oscillations, NASA recordings and snippets of radio broadcasts creating a spectrum of pulsating and ever-evolving sound. This is research into extra-terrestrial intelligence in it’s purest form. If there is something out there it may sound like this!

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