An early summer update from the Clone HQ.

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Dave “A Made Up Sound” Huismans’ latest in the archive series on Clone Basement

A Made Up Sound - Archive IIIA Made Up SoundArchive IIIClone Basement Series 01812inch€ 8.99buy
A Made Up Sound returns to Clone Basement Series with the third volume in his Archive sequence!


Repress! Just in! Sabre’s debut on the Royal Oak series:

Sabre - Morning WorshipSabreMorning WorshipClone Royal Oak 02712inch€ 8.49buy
Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal Sabre are delivering their debut release from Clone Royal Oak with a fresh take on house and techno. If you’re looking for effective formular club tracks, then please skip through! Four playful and emotive tracks without any of the modern club dogma’s, however strongly rooted in the more then 30 year long tradition of our musical culture. From Model 500’s Detroit techno to even further back to the likes of Gottsching’s electronics and Alice Coltrane’s spiritual jazz. Sabre is giving us some personal music created from a subjective perspective evoking different kind of moods and emotions with their wide palette of sounds, rhythms and melodies. Even though this might be ”psychology for dummies” you probably can say there is a heavy influence from their Portuguese culture and their hometown Lisbon. Warm sounding tracks with a cool (sea) breeze and some of the outgoing, yet laidback southern european character. But sticking to the facts… there is some wonderful and special music on this record!


Last available copies! The 180grs heavyweight package of this Drexciya on the Aqualung series. No Repress!

Drexciya - Black Sea / Wavejumper (Aqualung Versions)DrexciyaBlack Sea / Wavejumper (Aqualung Versions)Clone Aqualung Series 00412inch€ 9.99buy
Alternate takes of two seminal Drexciya tracks.

More drexciya related business…
10 years after its original release on the Clone Sub label DUB recordings its time to have this highlight
in the catalog of Der Zyklus/Dopplereffekt out in the world again. A record its time far ahead!

Der Zyklus - BiometryDer ZyklusBiometryClone Aqualung Series 005CD€ 14.99buy
Der Zyklus - BiometryDer ZyklusBiometryClone Aqualung Series 0052LP€ 17.99buy
Re-issue of the classic album by Heinrich Mueller. Originally released in the early 00’s (2004 to be precise) which basicly was deep into the future for everyone born before 1980. Techno was still about innovation, stepping into the future, going ahead, updated technologies, exploring the new.? Like previous releases Heinrich Mueller takes inspiration from latest technologies and developments.

Heinrich Müller’s early works as Dopplereffekt:

Dopplereffekt - GesamtkunstwerkDopplereffektGesamtkunstwerkClone Classic Cuts 005 LP2LP€ 16.99remind
The stunning 3 12inch releases from Dataphysix records released in the mid 90’s together on one double album/CD. Including amazing tracks like Scientist, Pornoactress, Sterilization, Rocket scientist, Cellularphone and Speak and Spell. This is almost as important for a complete techno generation as Kraftwerks Computerworld and Autobahn was for many in the 70’s. Finally available again after being out of print for years!


Need something to do during your summerbreak?
Why not go and support your local recordstore to get your hands on these…

Sean Dixon - The Gathering (+ Gerd remix)Sean DixonThe Gathering (+ Gerd remix)Clone Store Only Series 00612inch€ 9.99remind
NOTE! – SHOP EXCLUSIVE – NO ONLINE SALES! Only available for purchase in-store, not for ordering online. No exceptions made! Clone Store Only Series 006. Support your local record dealer and ask him to get it for you!

Vernon Felicity - Persuader EPVernon FelicityPersuader EPClone Store Only Series 00712inch€ 9.99remind
NOTE! – SHOP EXCLUSIVE – NO ONLINE SALES! Only available for purchase in-store, not for ordering online. No exceptions made! Clone Store Only Series 07. Support your local record dealer and ask him to get it for you!

Classic housevibes:

Jovonn - Goldtones EPJovonnGoldtones EPClone Classic Cuts 027.112inch€ 8.99buy
New York, early 90’s, the haydays of the New York and Jersey clubhouse! More then 20 years after their original release dates these Jovonn tracks from his own Goldtone imprint are still very relevant and stand for many things we love about house music! We are happy to offer this selection of his hard to find early works remastered by Alden Tyrell and pressed on fresh clean high quality vinyl.


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