After the success of their debut album ‘The Falling Impossible’ CINEMASCAPE release now with ‘Cold Heaven’ not only in fandom before the long-awaited second album. And ‘Cold Heaven’ includes twelve wonderful melodic titles, ready to exude a timeless, captivating atmosphere, no one can escape.

It is the combination of a mixture of electronic sounds and vocals that directs charismatic and empathetic with the individual pieces of this album. Musically the four Swedes move into the dream worlds of pop, avant-garde, new romantic and electro. ‘Cold Heaven’ can be energetic and enchanting cool heaven and will warm the hearts of music lovers.
01. Second Coming
02. Private Property
03. Frantic
04. Silhouettes
05. Frozen Ground
06. Nuclear Skies
07. Trespassing
08. High Hopes
09. Deep Ravine
10. In The Company Of Strangers
11. Ran
12. Artifacts


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