Christopher Kah - Room 4 EP - PRAXXIZ / PRZ017

Christopher Kah – Room 4 EP – PRAXXIZ / PRZ017

Room 4


PRAXXIZ records continue to evolve the cut & thrust of their release catalogue with what may be their strongest release to date.

Frenchman Christopher Kah has an impeccable “story so far” having released & remixed his take on Techno, with & for Genre Icons Terrence Fixmer, Dave Clarke, Anthony Rother, Mount Simms & Laurent Garnier.

His own releases are regularly supported by some of Technos biggest international Stars, like UK’s Dave Clarke, USA born Plasticman, and Germanys prime mover & cultural innovator Dr. Motte.

Therefore it is no real surprise that it is on Dr. Mottes very own PRAXXIZ records that we are treated to Christopher Kahs latest & quiet superb Room 4 EP, which showcases the wide ranging production talents & deep understanding of his chosen creative zone that mark him out as very much a true player and a man clearly giving his beloved Techno a lot of love !

All 4 tracks Slowly, Room 4, Misery & Addict, display a finely crafted fusion of the essential aspects of various branches from Techno`s very own Tree Of Life. All in all a real treat for open minded Minimalists, Detroit devotees & proper Techno supporters. There´s even a tip of the hat to Techno´s  partly Industrial roots and a hint of Electronic Listening Music. Its all in there!

The real strength of this release is how Christopher crafts all these influences together in a way that leads the listener to acknowledge their presence, but into an end result that is not easy to define or pidgeon hole. The mark of a true Artist?

Christopher Kah shows in no uncertain terms why he is considered by some of Technos most Wanted, to be a name to be well and truly reckoned with. & PRAXXIZ show very clearly that their big picture is getting bigger, und es ist gut so!

Vinyl release September 17th 2013

Label Code: PRZ017
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 2013/09/17
Genre: Techno

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