CELLULOIDE : A NEW VIDEO OUT NOW !…and Translucide 7″ EP release postpone.
 Si Tu Renonces the new video by Celluloide is out now !
Both digital singles La Cité Des Aveugles and Si Tu Renonces, will be availble on TRANSLUCIDE EP,  a very limited clear vinyl 7″ edition 4-TRACK EP, the final chapter to the Futur Antérieur singles series.The vinyl edition will propose the edit versions of the singles:Si Tu Renonces and La Cité Des Aveugles,
with Air Conditionné and L’Europe Après La Pluie as B-Sides.

1. Si Tu Renonces (Edit) 3’11”
2. Air Conditionné (Edit) 3’22”

3. L’Europe Après La Pluie 3’35”
4. La Cité Des Aveugles (Edit) 3’07”

L’Europe Après La Pluie is a cover of John Foxx’s 1981 single “Europe After The Rain”.All tracks, A-sides and B-sides was also released as video,
and you can find them all on Celluloide‘s YouTube Channel.

Each copy of the EP will be signed by Celluloide.Unfortunately, we have had a problem with our supplier and will not be able
to send vinyl copies for the time being.Even though we started the production a long time ago, we could not have foreseen the situation.Meanwhile as each 7″ has a download code on it, we will send you this code by emailso that you can get the audio tracks, hoping that it will help you waiting the physical release.
Pre-orders are still accepted and we will give you information
about the availability of the record as soon as we can.In the meantime, you can discover Si Tu Renonces video from Celluloide’s YouTube channel :

Secure your copy now and pre-order the Translucide EP here:

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