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Hi Can enquirer,

We wanted to let you know that the long awaited Can vinyl box set is finally ready, you can pre-order for a shipping date of December 2nd.

Pre-Order here:
Official Mute Can Store
Mute Bank
Rough Trade
Norman Records
or at any of the other fine stores you like to shop at.

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Here are the details of the box, it’s expensive, but pretty and sounds fabulous, along with details of the Can cutlery and Irmin Schmidts new 2CD compilation.

17 pieces on 180g vinyl housed in a linen wrapped two piece box.

The box is numbered and limited to 1500 worldwide.

The box set features all 13 of the band’s classic albums, alongside Out Of Reach, which has been unavailable in any official format since its original release in 1978 plus Can Live, a bonus live disc featuring the classic Can line up of Holger Czukay (bass), Michael Karoli (guitar), Jaki Liebezeit (drums) and Irmin Schmidt (keyboards). Can Live was recorded at Sussex University in 1975 and will be unavailable in any format outside of the Can Vinyl Box.


The artwork for the individual albums is all in its original form and five posters and a 20-page 12” booklet accompanies the box set featuring unseen photpgraphs from the Can archive and sleevenotes by the acclaimed author, Alan Warner (Morvern Caller). In addition, the box set will include a download code for each of the albums, except Can Live, which is available on vinyl only.

Monster Movie, Soundtracks, Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi, Future Days, Soon Over Babaluma, Delay, Unlimited Edition, Landed, Flow Motion, Saw Daylight, Can, Rite Time, Out Of Reach, Can Live, Sussex University 1975.

The Can Vinyl Box was mastered and cut to vinyl by Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, London. Remasters and vinyl processing was coordinated by long time collaborator, Jono Podmore.

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All the very best,
Can, Spoon and Mute.


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