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v/a – cum to my house. i have beer, i have scotch, there will be drugs!

bugs crawling out of people presents a prequel to its compilation "wake up: get out of my fucking house" by releasing a free online compilation of material under the title "cum to my house: i have beer, i have scotch, there will be drugs". it's crazy fucked up party music time! who knows where people are coming from, but everyone's already probably had too much of whatever already and the idea of this party is probably a bad idea to begin with, but common sense can wait for the morning, or more likely tomorrow afternoon at the earliest.

when bugs crawling out of people holds an impromptu party, things can get a little out of hand. we're not saying we condone any of this activity, fuck, we don't even remember most of it, but apparently there was lot of noise, perhaps some fire breathing, and a few visits by police officers, and that's before it really kicked into gear.

after the cops left the occult inspired drug trips began, apparently there may have been some cannibalism, more crazy ass beats, people were either dancing like they had gone insane, or were having convulsions. blood smeared on the walls. i'm not sure what that was on the bathroom floor. there may have been a little anal sex here and

there (who can really tell and none of the beer bottles are coming forward as witnesses). there was shride galore! more beats, more pounding noise. it was a success!

featuring music by compUterus (new Bugs Crawling out of People signing), iszoloscope, worms of the earth, cisc, m00nbASS, lucidstatic, JonBob, it-clings, adolf glitter, vicious alliance, DIFF_CULT, famine, baptism of stains, notaform, vaginal rippage & dedtek.


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