La Piramide di Sangue – Sette  LP    ( released April 30th )
LA PIRAMIDE DI SANGUE (The bloody pyramid) – is a seven musician ensemble from Torino, Italy. The sound of the band is built on two guitars, two basses, one clarinet, one synth, several effects, drums and percussions. There’s a rich history in psychedelic music, and we all know it. The best trip is always the one yet to be embarked upon. And each trip is different from the one before. You can’t jump into the same lysergic river twice. Don’t even try. Instead, prepare to be washed away by the sonic waves of Sette – a sunbaked stoner trip for both the funky freshman and the psychedelic veteran.
The latter may find traces of Santana’s Caravanserai or Embryo’s Reise when listening – as well as some strong Spiritual Jazz vibes, resembling the Phill Musra Group and the likes. It’s all there and much more.
We are teaming up again with our friends of Sound of Cobra for the release of the new album of the magnificient seven.  Once again middle-eastern influences trigger on instrumental crescendo with powerful epicness. Torino flies to Shiraz, with connection at Cairo.


Maurizio Abate – A Way to Nowhere   LP   ( released May 16th )
Another co-production, this time with Black Sweat Records, with whom we already shared the Eternal Zio album. Maurizio Abate is a self taught guitarist active since the early 2000s, with an instinctive approach to experimentation. He is always looking for new forms of expression, to mould a personal shape to the blues and to psychedelic matter, mainly driven by a particular fascination for stringed instruments.  He has an impressive activity both live and in the studio, alone or as a part of many different projects.
Maurizio Abate rented a room in a isolated house in the mountains during the winter of 2013, bringing all his instruments there. Time was spent walking around, enjoying some dope in complete solitude and recording music at any time of the day.
Rather than being into this experience in a Thoreau sense, the surrounding landscape was just a background scenery to Maurizio, and the real immersion has been made in his room and in his head where all the sounds he had in mind were floating.  What Maurizio looked for was a way to boil down and aggregate togheter many influences he had in recent times, meditative krautism, traditional music and the inalienable passion for blues guitar.

You can get an idea of his vast discography here:

next releases:
Adriano Zanni – Red Desert Chronicles (Postcards from Ravenna)
This will be our first non musical release, even if this images are so loud you can hear the sound through them. Red Desert Chronicles is a collection of pictures taken by Adriano Zanni aka Punck. Punck released a record titled Piallassa (Red Desert Chronicles) on Boring Machines in 2008, with field recordings and sounds taken from the same area he was born in 1964, same place same year when Michelangelo Antonioni shot his famous movie Red Desert. The collection of pictures is the ideal continuation of Adriano’s wandering around his birthplace.
Some of the pictures can be seen here:

Dream Weapon Ritual
Simon Balestrazzi is a key figure of italian underground since the early ’80s when he founded T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata). Since then he has pioneered many different styles from post-industrial noises to electronic soundscapes.  His duo with actress/vocalist Monica Serra incorporates electronic and industrial elements, mixed with drones and futuristic folk music. The result is something which tries to defy categorisation, with a dreamy and visionary aspect.

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