Borghesia + Srečko Kosovel

Rodovnik / A Genealogy
Slave the Servant.
Slave Servantich the Servant.
Slave Slavetich Servantich the Humble.
Slave II.
Slave Humblich III.
Servantich IV.
Janez the Humble, the Craven, the Grandiose.
(Srečko Kosovel,1926; translation by Nike Kocjančič Pokorn)

On March 18, 2017 (the 113th birthday of the renowned Slovene poet Srečko Kosovel), the legendary Slovene electro-rock band Borghesia presents their brand new song ‘Rodovnik’ (‘A Geneaology’). On the new song Borghesia used Kosovel’s lyrics, which presents the poet’s confrontation with the nature of the petit bourgeoisie.

With the new single Borghesia announces their upcoming full-length album ‘Proti kapitulaciji’, on which the formation of Aldo Ivančić, Dario Seraval, Irena Tomažin, Jelena Rusjan and Ivo Poderžaj will tackle with Srečko Kosovel’s poetry. Selection of twelve Kosovel’s poems, still relevant to this very day, is the basis for Borghesia’s new musical adventure.

Srečko Kosovel (1904–1926) was a Slovene post–World War I avantgarde poet and is considered to be one of Central European major modernist poets. He has been labelled as an impressionist poet of his native Karst region, a political poet, an expressionist, a dadaist, a satirist, and as a voice of international socialism, using avant-garde constructivist forms. But most importantly, his poems are timeless, still relevant 90 years later and could have easily been written today. Srečko Kosovel died at an early age of 22, but not without leaving a legacy – an impressive collection of 1400+ poems!

Against sterile parliamentarism, secret diplomacy and Nero in a red executioner’s cloak!
(S. Kosovel – Before Capitulations)

Listen to the Borghesia song ‘Rodovnik’ here:

Moonlee Records


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