After their first single, Desillusion, Poupée Mecanique is the second
extract of Happiness Project‘s 9th heaven. This 5-track EP includes
two remixes of Poupée Mécanique by Klass Kid and 360°, an alternative
version of the album track Flesh And Bones, a Foretaste reworked
version of Balloons And Zeppelin and a brand new mix of Heights by
Neutral Lies.

The song has been a favorites of fans of the band and critics alike.
And these new versions bring a different light to the song.

A video clip has been produced to promote the single, It is directed
by Emmanuel Prevot the band’s video creator, who already produced
their previous clip (such as the remarkable Blue Eyed Boy) and  which
joins them on stage.

The clip proposes a twisted and memorable journey within the mind of a Poupée Mécanique.

This message aims at informing you that Poupée Mécanique is now available for download in our promopool. We hope that you will like this new Happiness Project single and spread the word!

Please note that, as for every digital single release, you can download a free mp3 of the single video mix on our webpage.


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