‘Cravings of a mad man’ EP releases April 29, with a releaseparty Friday May 3

Amsterdam 26 April 2013 – Well known DJ collective Boemklatsch releases their new EP with Basserk,  joining the Dutch Bass series. The ‘Cravings of a mad man’ EP is a true bass record with remixes by Boeboe, Subp Yao & High Rankin. The Boemklatsch crew are innovating and constantly progress with their music, the EP proving that they are ready for the new festival season.

After releasing on Lektroluv and their own BMKLTSCH RCRDS for a while, the step to Basserk Records is noteworthy but logical. The crew really feels at home with the Dutch Bass series, with Dutch producers showing their take on trends like UK bass, footwork & trap.
A perfect match. We’ve always been followers of Basserk. Dutch Bass brings a certain quality of productions which is completely in line with what we do. We play tracks from the Dutch Bass camp during our live shows a lot.

A release in the series seemed logical, especially as two out of three remixers are known as typical Dutch Bass producers. The original is a dark trap oriented track. Boeboe, trap specialist extraordinaire, turns it into a juke / footwork remix and shows that Dutch Bass producers like to tap into different genres. Subp Yao takes his remix into the UK bass / garage field and probably makes the track which is most in line with the current ubiquitous house sound. The third remix comes from a household name from the UK, High Rankin who delivers his unique style of drum & bass to the EP.
We’ve known High Rankin for quite some time now, he played at our DUMDUM nights multiple times and we run into him during the festival season a lot, sharing stages. A really cool and hilarious dude! We’ve always been a fan of his in-your-face productions and we were looking for the last piece of the puzzle.

The EP as a whole shows that Boemklatsch is always pushing the envelope to stay relevant:
“Boemklatsch is always innovating, our show, visuals and of course music. We like the return of the bounce, instead of the pound, in the ‘new’ music trends!”

The crew is getting ready for another busy festival season where they will be, as they say: “demolishing a lot of stages”. And whoever has seen them live can only confirm this.

‘Cravings of a mad man’ is released as a Beatport exclusive on April 29, other online stores will follow two weeks later.
May 3 is the releaseparty at the Sugar Factory, Amsterdam with shows by Boemklatsch, Boeboe, Subp Yao, Guerilla Speakerz, Guessbeats & Kidmalone.

Tracklist Cravings of a mad man
1) Cravings of a mad man
2) Cravings of a mad man (Boeboe remix)
3) Cravings of a mad man (Subp Yao remix)
4) Cravings of a mad man (High Rankin remix)



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