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a very happy new year to all of you!

We have a couple of new releases out now, and have some remaining copies of physical ones as well.

Do get in touch if you are interested in the physical releases, or click below to download the free releases in mp3 or flac formats!

Out today for download in mp3 and flac formats: Expose Your Eyes (Paul Harrison / UK) – “Third Age Of Desire(Noise, Power Electronics, Experimental)

Paul Harrison has been making sounds in one form or another since the mid-1980s – coming into focus in the early 1990s as his main, long-term project Expose Your Eyes (which fell into a lengthy hiatus during the 2000s, but in recent years is back with full force).

Together with his partner (and fellow soundmaker), Candi Nook, he used to run Fiend Recordings label and they have both been members of the notorious noisemaking circus Smell & Quim.

He has collaborated with many other musicians over the years but now, apart from contributions to some forthcoming S&Q stuff, is ploughing most of his energies into his own personal psychedelic powerhouse.

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Bernhard / Bleak

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Expose Your Eyes

“Third Age Of Desire”

Cultural Amnesia

“Bad Meditation”

Cultural Amnesia

“Still Hungry”

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“Destiny Drive”

ltd. / red vinyl


“White Stained Covers”


Cultural Amnesia

“This Is Not Your Shape”


very last copies!

very last copies!

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