Black Velvet Dress – the third album from the Torun-based band Half Light, is released these days by MJM Music PL. The record is composed of 11 genuine pieces founded on subtle and original electronic sounds, and encompassed with a rock guitar and natural masculine voice. The music on this album, just like a black silk dress, is mysterious and full of elegance; delicate and subtle; ethereal and magical. The Black Velvet Dress melodies are perfect ornaments of mysterious evenings; use them to dress in velvet your lonely nights. It’s an extremely personal album that often speaks of disastrous relationships and emotions between a woman and a man, of lost friendships, of passing and desires. In recording their album the band were joined by a number of guest musicians, friends of the Half Light. As a result their music has gained different colour tones and incredible expression.
01. Paranoia
02. Cold Friends
03. Confused
04. Bitter Paris
05. Your Perfume
06. Time
07. Dance With Death
08. Happy Useless Nation
09. Heart Of My City Died
10. Why
11. Moment


  1. I LOVE this release. Deep and tough beats and really thoughtful arrangements and REALLY Psychedelic too. I had to take my earphones out a few times coz I thought I heard something! LOL
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