New, exciting music from the Binalog>>>Productions stable:

[BiP 80] Shann-X – Trip To The Moon:

3 tracks of strong Drexciyan flavor by spanish electro producer Shann-x. A must-have for every electro fan!

Available digitally via Bandcamp and Junodownload.

[BiP 081] Lazernet – Telenet/Arproton:

Telenet/Arproton EP is the first release on Binalog>>>Productions by Lazer Kontinent. Behind this moniker is a veteran half russian/half finnish electronic producer, Kirill Junolainen. Kirill is making innovative electronic music for the last 20 years. He’s the kind of hyperactive musician with endless creativity who’s capable of producing soundscapes of unique beauty, brain damaging tracks or electronic disco floorfillers with the same finesse and high quality standards.
#1 at Junodownload Electro Chart.

Available digitally via Bandcamp and Junodownload.

[BiP 082] Roguefrequency – Delayed Transmission:

Killer dark electro/EBM EP by irish producer Dave Hayden (aka Roguefrequency). 4 exciting original tracks + a remix by Binalog.

Available digitally via Bandcamp and Junodownload.

[BiP 083] DPO – Endospore:

Brain electronics by mysterious act DPO. How does it feel to be in the core of a germ cell?!

Available digitally via Bandcamp and Junodownload.

[BiP 084] John Shima – Prime Connection:

English techno producer John Shima delivers 4 tracks of unique beauty, much in the vein of B12 and early Warp releases. Pure class!

Available digitally via Bandcamp and all the major digital stores.

[BiP 085] Binalog Frequency – The Golden Age Of Disco:

Label’s boss, greek electronic producer Evangelos Zacharopoulos, goes back in time to celebrate the NYC mutant disco/post-punk era. Crazy shit!

Available digitally via Bandcamp and Junodownload.

[BiP 086] Hitachi II – Trans Human:

One of the most anticipated electrofunk releases of 2011, Trans Human EP finds czech electro producer David Gregus in full effect. Afrika Bambaataa meets Kraftwerk meets World Class Wreckin’ Cru meets Daft Punk. Featuring remixes by Supreme.ja, Binalog, 80s Stallone and the man himself. #1 at Junodownload Electro Chart.

Available digitally via Bandcamp and every major digital store.

[BiP 087] Embryonik – Skyscraper*:

The world of Embryonik is full of analog synths, sci-fi themes, infectious grooves and pure electrodisco vibes!
In this 4th EP on Binalog>>>Productions, one of the most exciting greek electronic artists, delivers 3 original tracks and enjoys remixes by the likes of Jordan F, Camille R, Thomas Barrandon, Binalog and Black Electronics.
The result is an 8-tracker of unique variety, sound ranging from electro/italo-disco, dreamwave and 80s soundtracks, to techno, electrohouse and industrial-dub-electrofunk!
#1 at Junodownload Electro Chart, Single Of The Month at the Electro section of DJ Mag (on the forthcoming December issue).

Available digitally via Bandcamp and every major digital store.

*Skyscraper will be available by the end of November on limited edition of 50 12inches, 180g audiophile black vinyl! Reserve your copy here: http://binalogproductions.weebly.com/contact.html (please write “Embryonik – Skyscraper vinyl” in the comment box and the quantity you wish to buy) or send a message to Embryonik via his fb page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Embryonik/180474768640072 As soon as the wax is ready we will send a priority mail to all the people who pre-ordered. Everyone who buys the vinyl also gets a redeem code to download the digital edition for free!

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