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We’re happy to unveil the next batch of Beläten cassettes; ARM, Dard Å Ranj Från Det Hebbershålska Samfundet, and Author & Punisher. More details on these in the next newsletter!

Veil of Light roundup

Two weeks in and the Veil of Light LP is moving fast, which comes as no surprise to us.

We’re working hard at getting this out to distributors all over the world and it’s already available or soon to be available from Aufnahme+Weidergabe, Wool-e Shop, Kollaps, Rundgång, Boomkat, Norman Records, Aquarius, and (T)reue um (T)reue, to name but a few. And be sure to check out the interview with Veil of Light in the new issue of Obsküre magazine.

A few reviews have come to our attention thus far:

We’re also trying to put together a Scandinavian tour for Veil of Light and Blitzkrieg Baby in March next year. Get in touch if you’re able to help out.

Beläten Recommends

Some favourites from the mailorder

Brighter Death Now — With Promises of Death

CD, Familjegraven/Tesco
For the past 25+ years Brighter Death Now have obsessively attempted to recreate the sensation of being buried alive. And With Promises of Death, Roger Karmanik continues this monomaniacal quest with ferverant single-mindedness. From the opening salvo of the psychotic ramblings of Jens Garnfeldt to the closing with a hallucinatory moonlight Serenade, With Promise of Death showcase all the classic BDN calling cards; from unrelenting jackhammer rhythms and tortured pleads for the sweet release of death, to feverish dödsambient mantras. While it’s perhaps not up to the impossibly-high standards of say Great Death, this record should certainly be counted among the better albums of BDN, and it’s doubtlessly among the top ten releases of 2014.

Get With Promises of Death here

Grand Mal x — Stealth Minds

Cassette, Black Horizons
According to Secret Decoder, Grand Mal x are “sort of a Suicide that never yells ‘Frankie,’ but we’d liken it more to ambient-techno-era of Psychic TV. There are hints of kraut motorik in there as well, and a healthy dose of lo-fi Acid House. Topped with the cryptic lyrics and the surreally complex red-and-black package design courtesy of Black Horizons, Stealth Minds comes across as alchemical magnum opus, lingering somewhere in-between nigredo and rubedo.

Get Stealth Minds here

Thomas Stetson

Art zines
In our efforts to expand our selection of art zines, we’re proud to present the works of Thomas Stetson. The hallucinatory and nightmarish world of Stetson is inhabited by dysmorphic humans and terrifying demons; permeated by sickness, disease and madness. Macabre as they are, these insanely detailed drawings possess a certain sense of surreal humor and true warmth, giving Stetson a really unique voice. All these zines are hand-bound and -colored adding to the obsessive quality of the work.
Check out the many Thomas Stetson titles here

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