New Trepaneringsritualen Merch

Two new Tees, metal pins

We made two new T × R × P shirts available today. One featuring the T × R × P seal printed in silver on black, heavy cotton, Labelfree shirts (available in both men’s and women’s sizes), and a brand new design entitled Nullified Christ (only available in Men’s sizes).

Geatish Seal tee is available here
Nullified Christ tee is available here

We’ve also made big-quality metal pins featuring the T × R × P seal. These are available either as a set of three, (in gun metal, matte black and bronze finishes, respectively), or separately (in a silver finish). The set is limited to 23 copies, and not many remain.

Triple set is available here
Single pin is available here

And in case you missed it, we also have the T × R × P seal patch, available here.

Veil of Light — Ξ

Debut LP of Veil of Light available early November

We are happy and honoured to announce the immanent release of Veil of Light’s debut LPΞ. Ξ is nothing short of gothgazing, ear-piercing masterpiece of pure noise pop brilliance.

Available November 7th 2014 on 180g, white vinyl LP, limited to 350 copies.

The LP will be preceded by a digital single featuring remixes by Ghost Actor, ARM, Distel, Th. Tot, and S S S S – Four S, available October 17th.

Krypta video by Robin Jansson

Krypta’s cassette for Beläten is still some months away, but you can already check out this great video for one of its tracks, by Robin Jansson.

Beläten recommends

Some favorites from the mailorder

Marie Davidson — Perte D’Identité

LP, Weyrd Son

Wyerd Son should get a standing ovation for introducing us to the electro infused minimal electronics of Marie Davidson. At times reminiscent of the bleak electro-funk of Ike Yard, at others a warped retro-futuristic version of Nancy Sinatra, Davidson’s voice manages to be at once both alluringly sensual and coldly detached. This is a contender for album of the year in our book.

For fans of: Ike Yard, Geneviève Pasquier, early Human Leauge
Get Perte D’Identité here.

Krank/The Grimsel Path — Verdant Hum

Cassette, The Epicurean

John Murphy needs no introduction to the industrial/apocalyptic folk fan. This tape finds him collaborating with two different individuals under two different aliases, but with quite homogenous results. The a-side features the first official Krank release since 1991’s Chaos LP, concocted with the help of Gerechtigkeits Liga`s Till Brüggemann, and the b-side, under the The Grimsel Path alias, sees Murphy team up with Jon Evans (his band mate in Last Dominion Lost). Both sides features excellent not to mention unsettling audio manipulations, distant echoing voices and clanging metal percussion, and should definitely be part of any discerning industrial fan’s tape collection.

For fans of: S.P.K., Test Dept.
Get Verdant Hum here.

Ride for Revenge — Disturbances

2 × Cassette, Analog Worship

Ride for Revenge always gives you one hell of a ride. A surreal mix of weird electronics, primitive slow grinding drums, over-powering bass rumble and demonic vocals. This nicely packaged double tape compiles a bucket load of unreleased, out of print material, with a few recent recordings.

Limited edition of 250 copies and features pro-manufactured Super Chrome tapes, housed in a double-tall jewelcase with a full-color oversize j-card, all held together in a cardstock slipcover.

For fans of: Absolutely incomparable
Get Disturbances here.

Phantom Plastics — Get In!

7″ Flexi, Geräschmanufaktur

CM von Hausswolff & Michael Esposito as Phantom Plastics deliver some grade-a bone-shilling, EVP based drone on this fantastic looking flexi 7″.

Subtitled The Final Repose of Joan Vollmer Burroughs, this composition is based on an EVP recording captured at Calle Monterrey, Mexico City, where Vollmer was killed by her husband, W. S. Burroughs.

Get Get In! here.

Recent additions to the mailorder

Major mailorder update including great releases from Posh Isolation, Weyrd Son, Analog Worship, and many more.

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