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The human voice is a powerful magical tool, and listening to this live recorded expertly captured at the venerable Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden, that is very much apparent. 

The archaic voices of Per Åhlund and Girilal Baars emanate from an obscured sun resting deep within their collective mind. Through sacred chanting, floating melodies and guttural drones, the duo invites the listener into a hypnagogic dream world where contours blur, shapes and colors melt together, and the restraints of the physical world are dissolved.

Get the cassette in the Big Cartel store and via BandCamp

A Beläten Announcement: New cassette by Den Arkaiska Rösten

Æther — Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring

The much anticipated and long overdue second cassette by Æther is finally here, and exclusively available through Beläten.

Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring is a two hour meditation on the ultimate realisation of the the end of flesh – liminal & transcendental states, rebirth & power.

Comes in a handmade black slipcase.

Get it in the BigCartel store

Forthcoming on Beläten

We’re happy to announce that very first Beläten vinyl releases is in production: Veil of Light’s debut album Xi. There’s no exact release date set, but we are aiming for a late October street date. Stay tuned for more information.

Words on Beläten

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Mailorder Highlights

Plenty of new stuff in the mailorder since the last newsletter. Here are a few high-lights:

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