19 Beläten
— En Sommar av Plåga
19 Beläten — En Sommar av Plåga collects nineteen feel-good Post Avantgarde Pop hits for this, the Summer of Plagues. To those familiar with Beläten, the bewildering eclecticism presented over these 93 minutes should come as no surprise. We’re treated to everything from hypnotic ambient from OffermoseNastika, and Æther, to the ragged, industrial filth of Brighter Death NowSpit Mask, and Moral Order.

In-between, we find blackened, bitter-cold angst pop from DAYOFWRATH and Yabibo HazurfaCelldöd and Alvar‘s unique takes on teknoid EBM stomp; and four shades of grand majesty in Headless HorsemanPact InfernalNordvargr, and Trepaneringsritualen.

Of course, the lineup also includes Beläten familiars such as Blitzkrieg BabyDistelMichael IdehallARM, and Cryme.So sit back and watch the world burn to ash, soundtracked by these nineteen aural effigies.

19 Beläten — En Sommar av Plåga is available now for immediate download at Beläten.se, the cassettes begin shipping next week.


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